Mogul Monday - Antjuan Mitchell & I Am Success Clothing

I Am Success Clothing CEO Antjuan Mitchell

How do you define success? Especially in 2017, what will it take for you to say you've made it? For 

 'I Am Success' CEO Antjuan Mitchell the answer to that question has nothing to do with monetary

gains. His success is defined by his faith and sheer will to overcome the obstacles he's faced in his 

life. The creation of the I Am Success clothing brand came about when Antjuan found out he had to 

move back home to Long Beach when hearing news his step-brother, who he had he been living with 

in San Diego, would play for the Baltimore Ravens. From there Antjuan created a business plan to 

not only to make I Am Success be a clothing brand but a saving grace for the community. Their pop

up shops and concerts in conjunction with the barbecue/flag tournament they threw last summer

proves that Antjuan and his team don't only want to sell clothing. They are willing to give back to 

a community that has served them. 

      Antjuan redefines what it means to make it in this world saying,"The boldest move I've ever 

made was starting my own business and creating I Am Success. Being bold enough to say that no 

matter what I go through or what it may be "I Am Success". Taking this route helped classify my life 

and helped me find a better path for success. You create you own destiny for success.  I took the 

initiative to believe in the power of self will (I Am) and the concept of what represents me. 


Antjuan's Instagram: @tjuan_iamsuccess 


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