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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Design Destiny

Design Destiny: Michelle Manier Interview

Whether or not you believe it's someone's destiny to find there passion, there are some uncanny instances that are just too obvious to pass up. Take for example Michelle Manier, the nineteen year old (no, it's not a misprint, she's only 19!) President & Founder of Manier Collections. Her father Eric Manier had been designing furniture and clothing for thirty years. So Michelle was bound to take over the design empire but she's trying to take it to new heights. When I met Michelle again, we've visited her before at the launch of Design Gallery, there was cool resolve to her. She's just as bubbly as any other teenager but her calmness and maturity are on fully display when describing her ultimate desire - making an impact on the fashion world. 

Still attending college for her business degree, Michelle has sharpened her eye for style with combining her real life experiences  being of mixed heritage - Filipino and African American- and her affinity for classic looks. Her fingerprints are all over the new designs of handbags, everyday-wear, and the breathtaking couture dresses. For 2017 you will definitely see Manier Collections at Fashion Shows across the country. With a fresh perspective and outlook Michelle Manier will definitely make that dream come to fruition. 


              Michelle Manier Speaks  On Making Her Mark 
              In Fashion &  Her Personal Style 

Michelle Speaks On How Her Mixed Heritage Being Black & Filipino Influences Her Designs

                Michelle Gives Advice On Starting A Business

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Original Swagger: Naomi Campbell

Original Swagger: How Naomi Campbell Redefined Being A Supermodel 

As the first Black woman to grace the pages of French Vogue in the August 1988 issue Naomi Campbell has continued to redefine what it means to be a Supermodel. The London born beauty with Jamican roots splashed on the model scene at an early age  Naomi has been breaking barriers her entire career. like being the first Black cover girl for British Vogue, in the December 1987 issue,  since 1966. Appearing such fashion shows for Alexander McQueen and the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Noami ushered in the era of the "Supermodel". 

Not only is she making history on the runway her charitable organizations Fashion Relief and We Love Brazil have raised millions for causes around the world. She also actively speaks out again the discrimination faced by Black models saying once,"I won't stop talking about diversity until I see improvement." She along with model Bethan Hardison and Iman created the "Diversity Coalition" and they wrote to designers of the industry imploring them include women of color in their shows. Creating new lanes for Black Supermodels, her charitable efforts, and her activism to include other women of color has made Naomi Campbell a one of a kind Icon of our generation.


Thursday, December 8, 2016

'Black Coffee' Show Premiere

'Black Coffee' Show Premiere: Creating Laughs, Blending Talent And Breaking Stereotypes
Cast & Crew of 'Black Coffee'
Known for his stand out Drake parodies on YouTube that have skyrocketed George Khouri rising star you would be pleasantly surprised that he is also a writer and director. Venturing into his first original creation George has made the innovative new comedy show Black Coffee. It centers around four hot-shot Black entrepreneurs in the D.C. area coming together to co-own a coffee shop. 

George discussed all the characters in his series as being a culmination of people he came across when he was in D.C. Interesting enough George does not have the majority of scenes yet he his standout character steals the show. He serves as a comedic touchstone in a landscape that is more true to form them its web series counterparts.  Support this new comedy that exemplifies diversity and sure to provide many laughs.

Instagram: Black Coffee Show

Facebook: Black Coffee Show  

'Black Coffee' Writer & Director George Khouri

Actors Doug P. and Norman Towns, Producer Gabe Griggs, Actors Norman McKenzie, Keith Cherry, and Joshua Triplett

Actor Norman Towns and Assistant Director Jasmine Hester

Actor Joshua Triplett and his daughter Jaidyn Triplett

Assistant Director Jasmine Hester, CEO of Young, Bold, And Regal Evan Jackson, Actress Rayven Nicole, Bisou Body CEO Fionna Wright

Q&A with the Main Cast

George Khouri On Choosing D.C. To Showcase Diversity on Black Coffee:"Let's Show The Success"

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal