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Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Lit List: What To Watch In The First Week Of May

wondering what to watch this upcoming first week of May? The Lit List is all you need to know! We're featuring the very best in cinema, the small screen, and digital formatted television shows you need to keep updated on.

Dear White People 

Why it's Lit: From the original 2012 film of the same namesake the creator Jason Simian is behind this continuation of a college campus that addresses racial issues and the complexities that come with it. The boistrious actress Logan Browning plays the radio host with the most to say and finds herself balancing being a woke public figure and her private life. With interesting storylines, a lineup of directors like Oscar award winning Barry Jenkins going behind the camera for an epsiode, and the sharp dialouge you will want to see this.

Where To Watch: You can see it exclusively on Netflix right now!

NBA Playoffs

Why It's Lit: The Clevaland Cavliers continue to defend their title with facing the Torntro Raptors in the Second Round. With the addition of new teammate Kevin Durant, will it make them unstoppable?
James Harden's Rockets and the always present Spurs will have something to say. Intriguing match-ups and buzzers beaters are sure to come.

Where To Watch: Appearing on ABC, TNT, ESPN, NBA TV.

The Wedding Party 

Why It's Lit: Nigeria's highest grossing film "The Wedding Party" is finally brought to American audiences via Netflix. When a couple decides to get married and their two families collide it makes for a charismatic wedding classic. Can we have a sequel already please?

Where To Watch: You Can watch it on Nexflix

The Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2

I Am Not Your Negro 
Why It's Lit: The Oscar nominated and award winning documentary has garnered massive critical acclaim with an outstanding 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Chronicling the eerily foreshadowing words for author James Baldwin this film points out the injustices we still see more then decades later. 

Where To Watch: You can get the DVD and it;s on HD Demand

The 'Tough Love' Pre-Emmys Soiree

In the midst of the Daytime Emmys Awards week we attended the 'Tough Love' Web Series Pre-Emmy Soiree at the Parlor in Hollywood. This breakout hit is created by once college sweethearts, both attending the University of California,Riverside , and now emerging power couple Roni Simpson and Caleb Davis.The night was a homecoming of sorts with friends, family, and loved ones gathered to celebrate 'Tough Love's Daytime Emmys nomination for "Outstanding Daytime Digital Web Series". Tough Love is a sleek hit show on YouTube where six 20 somethings live in New York City all trying to balance out love and the hustle & bustle of big city life. Roni and Caleb have compiled a vibrant cast that all shine in their own right. Influenced by classic romantic dramadies and with a new millennial flavor 'Tough Love' is a series you want to see again and again. We're highly anticipating more episodes of this dynamo of a series.

Tough Love Web Series 


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

YBR Bae - Violinist Ezinma

Born in Nebraska  and currently residing in New York classically trained violinist Ezinma Ramsay caught our eye with the infamous #MaskOffChallenge on Instagram - where people would try there best to play an instrument along to Hip Hop artist Future's breakout hit "Mask Off". Sifting through the pretenders and contenders Enzima's rendition of Mask Off was spot on and creative. The way she floats on the beat with her skillful use of the violin making the hard-hitting Metro Boomin' instrumental sound graceful. Setting her apart was her passion and intensity along with her impressive career. With a YouTube page of over 3,600 subscribers, over 5,000 twitter followers, and nearly 60,000 Instagram followers  Eznima isn't new to this attention. The acclaim is warranted with covers of hits like  Kanye's "Famous", Justin Timberlake's " Cant Stop The Feeling", and Rhinna's "Work". Eznima has played in orchestras at Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden  also working  with such artists like Beyonce and Stevie Wonder. She has made her mark in the industry.  Enzima's debut single "Elevate Me" is currently on her SoundCloud and we can't wait to see what she has line up next from incredible covers to her original work.

SoundCloud: iamezinma

Instagram/Twitter: @iamezinma

YouTube: Ezinma Ramsay

Sunday, April 2, 2017

2017 Young African American Women's Conference

If the children are our future and female is the future it is incumbent upon us to encourage, inspire, and educate the young women of today. The 2017 Young African American Women's Conference presented by the Pasadena Alumnae Chapter of Delta Segma Theta Sorority did just that- creating a positive platform for young women to thrive. The event started off with a Q&A and speech from ABC's Black-ish actress Yara Shahidi. The day proceeded with the young scholars being dispersed to different classrooms for workshops that focused on financial literacy, how to dress for success, resume building, health & wellness, college preparation, and a "Real Talk" panel where the young ladies can openly discuss problems they've faced. You can see the timidness of the young girls as they entered the classrooms but that shyness quickly went away when the young professionals leading the classes engaged with them in interactive ways. Popping in on one class where they were a group of girls dancing to Beyonce's "Move Your Body" with the dance instructor at the helm- there was genuine joy in the room. The purpose of this workshop was to encourage exercise and to have fun. Venturing into the college preparation class lead by USC Doctorate candidate Amber Bradley and Senior Site Coordinator of the UCLA Early Academic Outreach Program Brittany Lewis-Porchia. They broke down the cost of college- from community colleges, CSUs, UCs, to private universities. They emphasized the importance of good grades and how to turn that into scholarships and opportunities that will pay for college courses.   

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal