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Monday, June 26, 2017

2017 BET Genius Talks Recap

Tracee Ellis Ross reached iconic status for me when she starred in the then UPN hit show Girlfriends. As the daughter of the mega superstar Diana Ross, Black-ish Star Tracee shines just a bright in her own right. When you see Tracee speak you fall in love with her genuineness and gush overs the fact she's just as much of a fan as we are. Charlemagne from the Breakfast Club hosting the event of BET Genius Talks and he asked what shows she would most like to be a part she mentions Queen Sugar, How To Get Away With Murder, and yes, Power. She makes an emphasis to highlight the women in television and film. How they are not archetypes of what women should be but whole selves who laugh, cry, feel, fail, and succeed like the rest of us.   

Fashion + Beauty At BETX 2017

Every year the BET Awards isn't only relegated to the award ceremony Sunday, there is the BET Experience that takes over the weekend leading up to the big night. One of the standout events is Fashion + Beauty @ BETX. With a select few of designers the fashion show, which is the main course, is different from others you've possibly attended. With Chris Brown's 'Black Pyramid' being the first designs on the runway, guets of the show were ready to take in this culture. The African print inspired dresses of Queen E Collection had the strongest reaction from the audience. In a collective out pour of oohs and ahhs this was a crowd favorite. The stunning designs of Ese Azenabor was the icing on the top of this delectiable fashion extravaganza.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

DOPE x BET Kicksperience Pop Up Shop

The sneaker culture in LA is strong so when Kickspereince had their DOPE store in Fairfax, a hot bed for style and what's cool, people showed out. In concert with BET, to commemorate the BET Awards, and DOPE this event was centered two iconic shoes - The Yeezys vs. Jordans. Who would win out? The room filled with those rocking classic Jordans and the night belonged to Host Brittney Elena. She was milly rocking, having a good time, and holding discussions about sports and the dopest kicks. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

'All Eyez On Me' LA Premiere

Very few icons impact multiple generations, so I would say Tupac Shukar through his style, his music, and his sheer braggadocio influenced the world and still does. So when I went to the LA Premiere of the 'All Eyez On Me' Tupac Bio Pic there was a summer buzz in the air. Was Tupac back? Many were asked what there favorite Pac moment and song was- it ranged from Actress Lisa Raye saying hers was the music video she appeared in "Toss It Up" to classics like "How Do You Want It". The lead actor playing Tupac was newcomer Demetrius Shipp Jr., who eerily plays the part too well. With an uncanny resemblance you could argue Demetrius was born the play this role. With celebrity after celebrity coming down the black carpet, this was not your regular movie premiere. With old school rappers like Danna Dane and Hip Hop pioneers like DJ Quik walking about this was a win for the culture. Opening up at the third spot in the box office this past weekend against all odds the Tupac bio pic beat out the projections and was a hit theaters.

One Take Stace Media Brunch

 At the beginning of venturing into any field, especially the entertainment industry you try to soak up all the gems of advice that can propel you forward. Having my own outlet since 2013, I still hunger for networking mixers that bring together people in order to foster future collaborations. So when I heard about Stacy Ike, also known as One Take Stace, Media Brunch I thought it was a brilliant idea. Who better to host a media brunch? First off, Stacy's energy goes unmatched. Greeting damn near everybody who walked in the door - recapping with those she's worked with for years to engaging with new faces, making everlasting connections. And she's so gracious and filled with gratitude, referencing God throughout her Q&A. Being thankful and praising him, it's goes hand in hand really.  Personally thanking me and others who showed up to the brunch, she was overwhelmed with the support given to her.

 Speaking on her experiences in entertainment industry was part heartbreaking and heartwarming. She speaks about the post graduate malaise where she had a dilemma - Does she pursue a news anchor career that she's not too passionate about or throw her self entirely into the entertainment sector? It wasn't even a choice, with the encouragement of her main confidant, Precious Azuree, she followed her dreams. With a rough start in LA, Stacy found gold when she realized she was a brand all onto her self. Connecting with social media & entertainment brands she leveraged the fact when she talked people listened. Her ability to make the mundane magnificent was noticed by non-other then the iconic mega mogul Oprah who cited Stacy's exciting nature and God given talent to connect with anybody. When the Q&A with Stacy commenced she encouraged everyone to not only talk on a surface level but to create projects together. See what makes Stacy so interesting is that she's interested. And the industry needs more of that - genuineness, passion, and love of the craft.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Urban Network Digital 'Rock My Line' Music And Fashion Show'

by Evan L. Jackson

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal