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Sunday, July 31, 2016

2016 Cali HBCU Reunion

 2016 Cali HBCU Reunion in Loma Alta Park 

Historical Black Colleges and Universities have a long and proud tradition in the United States. Although Southern California is not know for it's HBCU's their alumni from such universities as Dillard, Morehouse, and Spellman come here after completing their undergrad, masters, and doctorate program to seek career opportunities. Yesterday at Loma Alta Park in Altadena, Califonia HBCU alums and current students as well as GREEK alums came together for the Cali HBCU Reunion. You could see the joy of frat brothers reconnecting and reminiscing about their college days and fellow soros enjoying the summer day while doing a stroll. It felt like a family affair with rivaling fraternities settling their difference with a game of tug of war. Many of the alums are in the fields of marketing, they are community leaders, involved in the world of the arts and entertainment, and still show love to the universities they attended. HBCU's remain relevant and important to this day because it cultivates an atmosphere for future leaders that will shape the world. Those leaders that are conscious of the problems we face but who are also daring enough to change them.  

by Evan Jackson
Photos by Evan Jackson 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Fit For A Queen

Fit For A Queen: Priscilla Katerena Interview 

I walked into the Luxe Kurves Fashion Show awaiting the models to walk the runway as I readied my camera. There was one model on the runway that stuck out to me. She had an air of confidence about her, as if there was an invisible crown perched on her head. That model is Priscilla Katerena. After the runway show I introduced myself and she had that same elegant nature about her, being courteous and gracious. Priscilla is a model, an entrepreneur, and mogul in the making. When we met again she exuded those qualities of a queen that make her unique. Through this interview you'll see why her modeling career has taken off and why her infectious personality will make her great in the entertainment world.

By Evan Jackson
Photos by Evan Jackson

Priscilla Katerena On Jennifer Aniston's Op-Ed About Body Shaming 

Priscilla Katerena on What Makes Her Regal

Priscilla Katerena On The Boldest Thing She's Ever Done: Getting a Divorce

Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Gentleman's Affair

A Gentleman's Affair: The Social Gent's Meet Up 

Men's Stylist & Grooming Specialist Steve Nunez saught out to make a blog where men can show off their style while getting helpful tips on their wardrobe. As he gained traction in the men's fashion world he created #TheSocialGents Meet Up a soiree of the suavest gentleman in the Los Angeles area. A place where they talk about style, stunt, and steal certain looks they never thought to wear.

by Evan Jackson
Photos by Evan Jackson 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Dream Deferred

A Dream Deferred: H.U.N.T. (Hunt Us Not Today) Peaceful Protest at the LAPD Headquarters
Compton Rapper Problem at the LAPD Headquarters
Poet Langston Hughes talks about a dream being deferred,  Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr. discussed a dream speaking on the plight of African Americans and the vision that a man would not be judged by the color of his skin but the content of his character. In 2016 it feels like  both could make their poignant statements and they would fit for the time. With police brutality being an issue and the melee in Dallas at peaceful protests Hip Hop artists The Game, Snoop Dogg, and Problem decided to come together in Los Angeles, California to create solutions. With a new organization H.U.N.T. (Hunt Us Not Today or Hate Us Not Today) the trio of rappers banded together with community members to stage a peaceful demonstration in front of the Los Angles Police Department Headquarters. The purpose of this demonstration was to reintroduce the community to local law enforcement. Getting to know each other on a human level and knowing each others names so their is a familiarity when the police come into the neighborhood. At this point we are all hurting and looking to heal. The only way we can do that is through dialogue, peace, unity, and love. 

by Evan Jackson
Photos by Evan Jackson

Compton Rapper Problem Talking About Solutions Going Forward 

Young, Bold, and Regal Host/Director Anna Bobadilla with Hip Hop artist Problem

Thursday, July 7, 2016

WOW Factor: Women of The Week - Actress and Activist Diane Guerrero & Actress and Singer/Songwriter Jackie Cruz

Co-Stars on the hit show Orange Is The New Black Diane Guerrero and Jackie Cruz have as much of great chemistry off screen as they do on it. As best friends on the Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black Diane Guerrero plays smart alec Martitza Ramos while Jackie Cruz plays her prison buddy Marisol "Flaca" Gonzales. They are affectionately known as "Flaritiza" by OTINB fans online and even have garnered a following of their own. We see them on the screen and at at the award shows but you'll love them even more when you here about their back story and you'll see why we chose them as our WOW Factor of the Week! 

You may not know Actress Diane Guerrero personal story but at the age of fourteen when she came home from school she found out that her parents had been detained then deported to their homeland of Columbia, leaving her all alone on her own. Fortunately family friends took her in and from their she had enrolled in the Boston Arts Academy. In her op-ed for the Los Angeles Times 'Orange Is The New Black' Actress': My Parents Were Deported she talks how much she struggled without her parents being there during her teenage years.
Excerpt from Diane Guerroro's Op-Ed For Los Angeles Times

Since then Diane Guerrero has been a strong activist for immigration reform. She volunteers with the non-profit organization that advances immigrants' rights in the Immigration Legal Resource Center. In her memoir In The Country We Love: My Family Divided  Diane Guerrero tells her story of being the daughter of undocumented immigrants. In Entertainment Weekly podcast she shares a key excerpt from her memoir on why telling her story is essential and her passion to keep immigrant families together. 

 Carving her own lane outside 'Orange Is The New Black' Jackie Cruz before landing the role of a lifetime was a singer. Telling that music was her first love. In 2010 she released an EP and now she has her own band in Crosby Street. Last year she released a tribute music video "Coma La Flor" to famed Latina Singer Selena, one of Jackie's inspirations.  

Both Diane Guerrero and Jackie Cruz have incredible stories. They often advocate together on such important topics like registering to vote. We love these two strong Latinas and we can't wait to see what they are up to next!

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal