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Monday, May 30, 2016

Man About Town

Man About Town: Tyron Hampton Interview
Pasadena City Council Member Tyron Hampton (in the middle) among the citizens of Pasadena at the Monthly Neighborhood Walk

By Evan Jackson
Photos by Evan Jackson

It always seem as if first district Pasadena City Councilmember Tyron Hampton is on the run. No, literally, the first time I saw him was at the Pasadena Black History Parade earlier this year and he was wearing a suit with his signature red tie along with running shoes. As if he would break out into running a 10k right then and there or better yet a marathon. See for Tyron Hampton his life and political run was not a sprint up to this point. It was not a fast ascension it was a steady paced build up that would eventually lead up to something big. Being on the schoolboard for the Pasadena Unified School District in the Southern California area Tyron Hampton always felt liked he was destined for more. So he ran and won for Councilmember in the very same city of Pasadena that he grew up in. He has a Martin Luther King Jr.-esque quality about him where he sees himself serving the community and constantly is humbled that he's able to help. Even having a right-hand man in district liaison Cheynne Chong and Tyron's right-hand woman in district liaison Cushon Bell you can tell he carries himself in good company. Not your regular politician who simply waves at estranged citizens as they sit tightly in their comfy seats in the decorative cars at parades, Tyron puts his foot to the pavement and welcomes newcomers and old familiar faces alike. As a man of the people you will see Councilmember Tyron Hampton be able to relate to any group from the high schoolers volunteering at a community event, he was once one of those high schoolers as a proud product of the Pasadena Unified School District, to that concerned citizen at the Neighborhood Walk inquiring about sustainable living. So when you see Tyron don't be afraid to shake his hand and have a conversation with him because you might be talking to your next mayor, your next congressman, and oh yes possibly your next president.

(From Left to Right) District Liaison Cheynne Chong, District Liason Cushon Bell, and Councilmember Tyron Hampton at the Monthly Neighborhood Walk

Councilmember Tyron Hampton at the First Annual Neighborhood Community Service Day
Councilmember Tyron Hampton speaking to a child with a chicken in had at the Monthly Neighborhood Walk

Tyron Hampton on Divine Intervention Playing a Part in his Political Life

Tyron Hampton on Community Involvement & Police Oversight

Tyron Hampton on Overcoming Dysgraphia Dyslexia & Obstacles He's Faced

Tyron Hampton on The Boldest Thing He's Done in his Political Career

Monday, May 23, 2016

Luxe Kurves Magazine Fashion Show

Luxe Kurves Fashion Show 
Editor-In-Chief of LUXE KURVES Magazine Brandee Joyner & Multi-media Personality Kristy Salazar

Photos by Evan Jackson
by Evan Jackson

On May 21st in Dowtown Los Angeles the LUXE KURVES Magazine Fashion Show was held. Luxe Kurves is an upscale lifestyle magazine for the curvy woman created by Media Personality Brandee Joyner. The fashion show was like none other than I had been to. The representation of diversity was a true reflection of what rich style there is in the greater Los Angeles area. It was not only a celebration of women with curves of all sizes but a celebration of Black women and Black culture. I love events like this that have there pulse on current pop culture. After the runway show, Artist Tina McDowelle told me how she put her woman's touch on a friend's wardrobe for the evening. Her friend had been dawning a pancho which admittingly takes a lot of guts and only can be rocked if you are ultimately confident which he was. At first he fought the idea of it then he gave in, always trust a woman's intuition. Brandee Joyner and Kristy Salazar were lively hosts and along with Marketing Director Akeyla Asuncion they all pulled off a well coordinated and fun event. It was a night to stunt in your style, to show out, and more importantly to show up for a great night of fashion.  

Marketing Director Akeyla Asuncion

Interview Host Rayven Nicole

Wardrobe Sylist Evita Milan & DSR Studios Owner Amina

Marketing Director Akeyla Asuncion & Young, Bold, and Regal CEO Evan Jackson

Interview Host Cheyenne Johnson 

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal