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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Ovrdsthebrand x UNFΛYN Women Empowermnet Mixer

Photos By Evan L. Jackson 
Written By Evan L. Jackson

Fall Fashion Season is upon us with New York Fashion Week underway and LA Fashion Week coming up in October. As a stylist and a master of Fashion Niko Brown had his first official event in the Women Ewmpowerment Mixer which was co-hosted by the social media curation company  UNFΛYN . The moderator for the evening's panel was the amazing Entertainment Personality Othelia Joy who has been a beauty paegent winner as well as interviewing celebrities and influential women across the world. The main theme of this mixer was to connect women with their brand awareness. How to be better in life which in turns make you a better bussinesswoman.
     One of the panelists was the beautiful and talented Celebrity Fashion Stylist Shelly Styles. She takes pride in customizing the look for women who want to feel good in the wardrobe there in. She exuded major confidence all while being generous on what she's learned from the industry. Actress Lilimar is the quintessential girl next door and it was especially sweet when she said her rock is her grandma and mom. How she utililies them as her team and a source for guidance when making tough career choices. Telli Swift was elegant and demure also being so warm when it came to offering her advice. The Southern Bell-esque way she offered her life lessons reminded me that you can be graceful in your apporach yet at the same time firey and passionoate about what you want out of life.
 This mixer was the brainchild of Niko Brown, coming from the LA Fashion Week team, I've seen his work first hand and his best quality is being personable. He gets it, he understands detail and more importantly is selfless in his efforts to give the best experience when it comes to Style.  We look forward to his events coming up simply based on the insight he provides and the calliber of talent he brings to his mixers.


Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal