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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Smells Like Restless Spirit: The Encore Live Featuring Grouplove

Smells Like Restless Spirit: The Encore Live Featuring Grouplove at the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood 

By Evan Jackson 
Photos by Evan Jackson

Sometimes you don't realize you're walking on hallowed ground until you have the opportunity to step foot in it. That's how I felt going into the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, California awaiting the indie rock group Grouplove. The crowd had been patiently standing around for Grouplove and it smelled like restless spirit, marijuana, beer, and anticipation. As the lights dimmed the expectations rose as the crowd clapped and roared. With out an introduction the band went right into their set. This was a special performance for Gourplove because Live Nation TV was filming their new show 'The Encore Live' chronicling musical artists performances in the moment. Lead vocalist of Grouplove, Hannah Hooper, confessed the first few songs were for the cameras and they would later depart only to come back on stage. Was that all a ruse? Obviously so because when the band left the crowd yelled "Encore! Encore!". Live Nation is too smart not recognize their own marketing plan put to use, plus the cameras kept on rolling. As Grouplove returned to the stage they metaphorically let their hair down. Performing their hit songs with 'Tongue Tied' being a crowd favorite. I was probably influenced to enjoy Grouplove's performance minutes before they appeared on stage when I met the mom of lead drummer Ryan Rabin. She gushed  "You're going to love them". She was exactly right, her son played the hell out of those drums and the band had the crowd jumping all night. Grouplove could of went on all night, I had a feeling the crowd craved for more but in true rock star fashion the band went out on top.  

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Fashion At BETX 2016

Fashion At BETX: Fashion At The BET Experience 2016

By Evan Jackson 
Photos by Evan Jackson

At the BET Experience there was an Fashion + Beauty event with international model Jessica White as the host and featuring the latest in fashion from Roper Rope, SACKHIKA, and Black Of All Trades. Along with collections from designers Tristan Blake, Tina Summers, and Ema Savahl. There was an elegance to the designs of Sackhika Twins. The women in their dresses did not walk on the runway they flowed in the decoratively lush gowns. Roper Rope decided to give a nod to the old school with button ups and jackets being inspired by 90's kids' favorite TV show Rugrats. What was very appreciated was the diversity among the models. That was the theme of the BET Experience overall, an inclusive atmosphere which the fashion show followed through with as well. Fashion at BETX is a great platform for established & up and coming designers to highlight their creative designs.   

Designs by Ema Savahal

Designs by Roper Rope

Designs by Mychel Knight

Designs by Black Of All Trades, Tristan Blake

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Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal