Travelista Tuesday - Soullo Traveler Geena Ashlee

As a self-described Oakland girl living her life as a foreigner I wanted to feature Geena Ashlee as not

only a traveler but more importantly a global citizen. She doesn't simply visit the beautiful countries

or exotic locations she breathes new life into them - makes them better with her perspective and

almost makes you jealous you didn't go there yourself. As graduate of California State, Los Angeles

Geena started to trek the world and document those trips in her blog the Soul•lo Traveler. A clever

double entendre title Geena travels solo, by herself sometimes halfway across the world but not as  a

timid visitor but as a soulful spirit ready for a new adventure. What drew me to her blog was the

sheer joy I had seen as she traveled to these culturally specific places. She's knowledgeable about the

 history of the places she's inhabited and in turn we benefit from her insight. She highlights the

beauty of these pockets of the world not with over-glamorized photos on Instagram but with real

moments. Her laughing among her friends walking down a dirt road, her gazing at a waterfall, or

her simply relaxing on hammock. Ironically you can say she puts your soul at rest by see hers come

alive. So join in the journey with her as she ventures across the world and yes, be inspired to travel

as well.



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