2017 LA Fashion Week Opening Reception

   With numerous fashion shows this Style Season it really is hard to keep up yet the one event twice a year that continues to be a cut above is Los Angeles Fashion Week. This Fall's opening reception of this magnificent gala was held at the Alexandria Ballrooms in Downtown Los Angeles, California on October 4th. Upon arrival I already sensed a film noir style of dressing from eager attendees. Pulling up old school cars with suicide doors, flowing long gowns, and the men dressed in their best suits - oh yes, this is not your average fashion show.
        Escorted in by my Fashion Correspondent Dominique into the venue, it was as movie instantly on sight. The floral theme continues to be a staple of LAFW. A sign of growth and liveliness. Once you've towered the stairs there isa buffet of spectacles to the eyes. The red carpet is a given, the beauty bar is placed to the farthest wall and each corner there are art pieces that are unique and just begging you to take photos on. This aesthetic is shaped by the maestro of it all executive producer Arthur Chipman. Each artwork selected almost felt like something out of a James Bond film - cinematic, bold, and larger than life. A gold configuration by a huge golden ball, with a tinge of a very big rose colored light. On the side wall there was rollandberry creations that gave me a very 60's vibe. Psychedelic bright colors that just popped. Keep in mind the Fashion Show hadn't even start yet, oh this was just the beginning.
        Going into the main ballroom and opening festivities I realize LA Fashion Week is celebration of global fashion with dignitaries of Thailand and other countries being represented and emphasizing the importance of working in the Fashion industry and how Los Angeles is a vital part of the process. The Anaheim Ballet performing followed by the designs of Noe Bernacelli of Peru was an appetizer to what was to come for this week. With Social Media Starlet India Love in the front row, fashionistas flowing in, and designers in every corner of the room they were all there in the name of fashion. Arthur Champman's vision for LAFW continues to be realized with his hard working and stylish staff, an eye-pleasing display of art, and most importantly unique fashion that always set this fashion show apart of from the rest.   


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