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Monday, October 16, 2017

Mogul Monday - Fashionista & Marketing Maven Gabrielle Kirven

Sometimes when it comes to your dreams you have to wade in the water but always you must trust

and believe. This is especially true with fashionista & marketing maven Gabrielle Kirven. A bubbly

Texas born bright star Gabrielle culminated her love for fashion, beauty, modeling, and inspiring

women with her writing to create her blog, A Bit Of Gabs. When I speak with Gabrielle about her

journey she alludes to her written piece "Why Settle". She was trying to avoid a post-college malaise

and in the piece she held everyone to a higher standard to live out their dreams. Which she is

currently doing as a marketing specialist for "Grand Time". When she isn't doing a marketing deal

she is writing uplifting posts!

Instagram: @iam.gabrielle_



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Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal