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Monday, December 11, 2017

Mogul Monday : Jaccara Queen CEO of Fource Of Nature

With the success of her online publication Force of Nature Jaccarra Queen is an extraordinary creative who channels her thoughts in her published book of poems to the Force Of Nature Mixers that always seem to be lit. The mantra of her publication is "Revolutionizing Through The Arts" with her features on black owned businesses, artisans with incredible stories, and her own personal instropections on life.

In her passage 'Purpose Everybody Has One' she eloquently says "Recognize your truth and stand tall in it, whatever it may be. Walk your own path. And if you have not yet realized what yours is, acknowledge this and be ready for change."

Jaccara not only speaks her accomplishments into existence she manifests them - confidently knowing her herself she created a platform for others

Grooming Young Men In Purpose Hosted By Artistic Glow

A part of being in a community and becoming a success is coming back to that same place that put you on and giving back. This is how legacies are made and generations are inspired. The innovative duo of twin sisters Khadija and Jamilah Linton created the Young Men In Purpose event so that young boys of color in the area can have a space to get valuable lessons from mentors and success stories.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Christina Cooper T-Shirt Launch Collection

Actress/Model Christina Cooper & Model Gabrielle Fontenette

By Evan L. Jackson

You can only define Actress/Model Christina Cooper, and now CEO of her own fashion line with her 'HIGH DEMAND' T-shirts, as multi-talented and multi-dimensional. Growing her everlasting brand she has now ventured into the fashion industry with her own line of in demand t-shirts with risque yet sophisticated classic photo of her in full model mode. As seen on season one of Netflix's breakout hit 'Dear White People' and Model campaigns for Chris Brown's 'Black Pyramids' fashion line and features in international magazines continues to delve into exciting ventures. Her T-Shirt Launch Collection was held at the Lavish clothing store in Pasadena,California with many of her  family, loved ones, and celebrity friends in attendance. Be sure to get her T-Shirts at Lavish in Pasadena and man other accompanying stores!

Photos by Evan L. Jackson

Photos By George Ochola

 Christina Cooper Interview 

Closet Junkyie Silent Runway Show

Imagine if you take a runway show of the hottest upcoming designers in the industry, with the venue being  a swanky Beverly Hills Restaurant, and you have every attendee bopping their heads to be best music out today - What do you get? You get the innovative creation that is Closet Junkyie Runway Show. From designers like Brya Nicole, Single Lyfe Clothing and many other the Fashion Show stood out. What added to the ambiance was the had every attendee including the models a personal set of headphones having an intimate concert while enjoying the style. This a magnificent display of being creative as we hope to see more of these types of events from Closet Junkye.

By Evan L. Jackson   

Interview With Designer Brya Nicole

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The 5th Annual Charitable Yere Fashion Show

The Fifth Annual Yere Fashion Show took place yesterday at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, California. It was an incredible Fashion Show with the heart of it being about giving back. The Yere Fashion Show was created by Style Mogul Chinyere Christy, a UCLA graduate who started this in honor of a friend that past away. She wanted to inspire like minded individuals in the fashion world - creating a platform for their innovative creations. Throughout the press line Chinyere was beaming and glowing in her own creation - a gold shimmering patterned beautiful gown. This fashion show also has roots with Africa, with Chinyere of being of Nigerian descent. With an array of designers across the African diaspora it was a great representation of global fashion. Throughout the night and amazing designs she awarded those in the industry.

Make Up Artist Rebekah Aladdin Being Honored For The Inspiration Award 

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal