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New "Creed III" Poster Revealed: Micheal B. Jordan Packs A Punch

  written by Evan L. Jackson  Micheal B. Jordan packs a heavy punch in the latest and newest Creed III poster! The third film of the trilogy is set to be released by Warner Bros. on March 3rd, 2023. This marks the directorial debut of Michael B. Jordan who stars as Adonis Creed. We talk to Micheal about the process of filming Creed III and his aspirations beyond filmmaking.  In the third installment of the franchise Adonis Creed is at the peak of his success but see a familiar face turn into ferocious foe. Portrayed by dynamo actor Jonathan Majors, he plays a friend from a group home that Adonis had grew up in. Only for him to come back from Adonis's past to haunt him and resent him for his success. See the film March 3rd nationwide in theaters near you. photo courtesy Warner Bros  Interview originally from Young Bold And Regal 

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