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Monday, October 16, 2017

2017 Africa Fashion Week LA

Model Alexis Jones Walking  Her Royalty at the 2017 Africa Fashion Week LA in Midget Giraffe Designs
  There is always a special vibe to Africa Fashion Week Los Angeles and this year it was no different. I had brought Miss Africa Bay Area Othelia Joy to one of the premiere fashion shows in LA, with AFWLA. "This is amazing!" As she glowed and basked in all of the African Black Girl Magic, Black Love, and Afrocentricity that filled the room. The evening started out with a traditional African dance that set the tone. Ray Darten designs was the first to grace the runway. An elegant mix of African print with sleek dresses for women made these designs really stand out. The models would walk in their royalty down the runway adding a signature twirl or dance. With each movement the crowd swooned over the most beautiful designs and the models played on every heart string.
    The most outstanding model in their designs on the runway was Alexis Jones in Midget Giraffe. A pink, yellow, and gray ensemble with a tube top and matching pants - Alexis proudly donned her natural hair giving the audience what they want - a show. After the fashion show in true African fashion - a party broke out. Designers dancing to Wale, beautiful African people from the diaspora connecting, and all love. You have to go to Africa Fashion Week LA for the culture, the unity, the love, and of course the fashion. Innovative African designers like Ray Darten are appreciated for their contributions and they provide spectacles to the eye we would see otherwise.

Model Alexis Jones In Midget Giraffe


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