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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Birlon Films Presents 'Instance' Film Screening at Downtown Independent

'Instance' Film Screening
Actress, writer, and producer Teria Birlon

The stars aligned the other night at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles, California when Birlon Films presented a private film screening of 'Instance'. The maestro behind the night's events was writer, producer, and actress of the film Teria Birlon. Prior to the screening media personality Tony Towns of Hitting The Town spoke to the audience of the work put into this movie from Teria, to the director Nicholas Casucci, to the cast and crew. As the lights dimmed I quickly realize Instance is a passion project for Teria and she credited classes she took at UCLA Extension program that helped sharpen her writing skills. I will not give too much away but Instance is a film about a high school art teacher that becomes involved with a talented student and from there drama ensues. The short film had the audience hypnotized with not a peep said during the film. Only a slight gasp from the crowd toward the very end. The film's script has already received the honor of being a semi-finalist in the ScreenCraft Short Film Production Fund. Teria will continue take her movie to several film festivals around the country. Please support Teria and her film 'Instance' because it is crucial that we support independent films that don't have the advantages of being attached to a movie studio. Contribute what you can to this film that is filled with intrigue,drama, and wonderful performances.

by Evan Jackson
Photos by Evan Jackson
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Twitter: @instancefilm
Instagram: @instancefilm

Teria Birlon and make up artist Rebekah Aladdin

Director Nicholas Cassuci

Producer Tekquiree Chenell

Actress Santana Dempsey
Production coordinator Kristina Hess and Rebeka Aladdin

Hitting The Town host and executive producer Tony Towns

Teria Birlon and Young, Bold, and Regal Editor-in-Cheif of Young, Bold, and Regal

Teria Birlon at the Instance Film Screening

Teria Birlon Discusses The Making of Instance


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