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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Africa Fashion Week LA

Heaven On Earth: 2016 Africa Fashion Week Los Angeles

    Immersed in African Fashion, Black culture, and drop dead gorgeous Black women you would of thought I was in heaven. I was actually at African Fashion Week LA held at the Playground Studios in Downtown Los Angeles, California. Fellow CEO Miranda Morowa of Unexpected Magazine enamored as did I about the richness of culture we had soaked ourselves in. We both agreed this was the most lit fashion show we've ever attended.
      The night had kicked off with the DJ dropping the hottest songs out now combined with exclusive mixes that set the tone for the fashion show. Koko Nanga's collection was ornate, decorative, and true to form with African prints wonderfully worn by the models on the runway. The Tina Summers line was lush, lavish, and streamlined. A clean lineup of dresses and evening gowns. You could tell the models loved the cut of Tina Summers dresses by the way they sashayed down the runway holding back their gleeful grins while striking a signature pose. The O L U collection was pure royalty with brocade skirts and shorts with a maroon and gold themed look. Josefa DaSilva had the most risque line of the night. Model Alexis Jones is seen in a see through top - her unmentionables covered by pineapple pasties, her natural hair help up pineapple style by a sea green and pink head wrap, and a black patterned skirt. It was sexy, sophisticated, and fit right into what Josefa was saying with her collection. It's not only about the collection line it's about how you style the model's hair, the confidence in the model's walk, and the overall message the designer is trying to convey. Style speaks volumes.   
     When you mention  LA Fashion Week, Style Fashion Week LA, and Fashion Week LA please do not forget about Africa Fashion Week LA. Matter of fact put that at the top of your list when you think Los Angeles and fashion.

Koko Nanga 

Tina Summers


Josefa DaSilva





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Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal