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Monday, January 30, 2017

2017 NAACP Image Awards Nominees' Luncheon

Actress Yvonne Orji of Issa Rae's show Insecure

The beauty of attending any event associated with the NAACP organization is that is steeped in

history as well as having an eye on future icons. So when I saw a tale of two Kuntas on the red

carpet with Actor Levar Burton, who originally played Kunta Kinte in the historic mini-series

Roots,  side by side with the Actor Malachi Kirby who plays the same character in the re-imagined

Roots which premiered on the History Channel I knew this would be a special event. The NAACP

Image Awards Nominees' Luncheon was held at the Loews Hollywood Hotel with nominees and

legends walking the red carpet. I paused when I first saw Actor LeVar Burton, I mean do you blame

me? I grew up on Reading Rainbow, a little older in my childhood I understood the powerful

nature of Roots and his indelible performance, and I was hyped to see him on Star Trek. His

ability to have such range was amazing. He was just as gracious as dignified and gracious as I

imagined. Saying the name of my outlet "Young, Bold, And Regal' with an emphasis on the

"Regal". That was great!

  I spotted actress Yvonne Orji of Issa Rae's hit HBO Show Insecure.

Actors Malachi Kirby and LeVar Burton

Actor Lil Rel Howery of The Carmichael Show

Actress & Comedian Tiffany Haddish of The Carmichael Show

Director Jennia Fredrique

Dr. Kariss Culbreath

Actress & Artist V. Bozeman

Actor Trevante Rhodes of the award winning film Moonlight
Actress Jasmine Hester

Cast of The Carmichael Show

Actress Amber Stevens West of The Carmichael Show

Chloe x Halle
Singing Duo Chloe & Halle with Actress Jasmine Hester

CEO of Young, Bold, And Regal Actress Yvonne Orji of HBO's Insecure
CEO of Young, Bold, And Regal & Actress Jasmine Hester
Actress Jasmine Hester & Actor Trevante Rhodes of the award winning film "Moonlight"

Sunday, January 29, 2017

2017 Thursday Night Shorts Film Festival

We're already in the midst of award season with Golden Globes, Screen Actor Guild Awards, and Oscars all within a few weeks of each other. Not to get lost in the shuffle we can not forego the imporatnce of short films. Some of the entertainment's best directors have started their career from short films such as Spike Lee, George Lucas, and Sofia Coppola. The cornerstone of filmaking is telling a story and we saw that on display at the Thurday Night Shorts Film Festival.
   Director Keith Terrell was the night's host, he had a film of his own at the festival with Penny For Your Thought. His film is about a dramatic portrayal of domestic violence through the vantage point of a bubbly young girl. The other films at the festival were Too Far, Meet Lil Real, the Godfather-esque The Don of Virgil High Jr. But the standout film of the night was Black Magic director by Rachel Bass.
   Rachel Bass has received the Jury Award from the Directors Guild Of America Student Film Awards for Black Magic. As a student of Champman University's film program Rachel used the backdrop of an afterschool program to discuss race. Black Magic is a wonderful film because the contrast of fantasy surrounding a bright young girl contrasts with the harsh reality of how race is apperent at such a young age. Films like hers and the short pieces premiered at this festival are necessary for the industry. It gives filmmakers a platform and hopefully a shot at bringing their careers to new heights.


Director Keith Terrell Talks About His Film Penny For Your Thought 

Director Rachel Bass Of "Black Magic" Discusses The Choosing The Setting Of Her Film

"Black Magic" Director Rachel Bass Speaks On The Overall Message Of Her Film 

Monday, January 23, 2017

2017 Women's MARCH LA

On January 21st it seemed that all of Los Angeles went to Pershing Square to speak up, speak out, and adress issues their passionate about at the Women's March LA. I had heard about this march a couple weeks ago and since then it had picked up steamed upon the Inauguration of now President
Donald Trump. What did I expect? I expected a big crowd, a lot fervor, and maybe some commotion. What did I actually get myself into? Simply put I was apart of probably one of the most historic marches in American history. It wasn't a big crowd, it was a MASSIVE crowd. Lines to get tickets to the Metro, lines on the Metro, and waves of people coming each hour. The fervor was centered as well. The protests were personal. It was a peaceful march that didn't call for commotion it only put forth a sense of unity. I'll share with you the lessons I learned that day so that you can take it with you in your next march. 

Fighting For Your Rights Has No Age Limit 
 Above was the most profound picture I took at the march. Even little girls were woke at the Women's March LA. In the millennial age where what influential figures say can be accessed by the second, the words we hear impact us. Especially if those words offend and worse shape public policy. In this day and age you are your politics. Every time you step out of the house you're putting forth your politics. So it's no wonder that activists and protesters are getting younger and younger with the knowledge at the tip of their fingers.

On the other end of the spectrum the advocates who have been fighting for decades came out in numbers for last Saturday's march. You could see the joy and the passion as they marched. When everyone coalesces for a common cause more can get done.  

You Can Be Clever And Conscious About Social Issues At The Same Time 
 One of the best parts of Women's March LA was the signs. They were clever, they were poignant, and they were moving. It's always said you laugh from keep from crying so these signs were a sense cathartic release. The pain and fear is real but the hope was seen when people talked among each other and connected on social issues.
A photo posted by EmilyStreet ( on

 Revolutions Are Passed On From Generation To Generation 

One of the most amazing sites was seeing the families come out to the Women's March LA. The fathers taking their daughters, the grandmothers marching step and step with their granddaughters, and newly minted moms carrying their babies into history. How awesome is that? That bond of marching with your loved ones would seem to leave an indelible mark & spark a fire for change.

 Even If You Are Misrepresented Your Voice Still And Will Always Matter 
If you were at the Women's March LA as an undocumented immigrant, a disenfranchised citizen foreseeing your civil liberties being stripped away, or feel you are not represented at all please remember your voice is necessary. There are people in your same situation and every protest and fight for that freedom reverberates across the nation.   

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WOW Factor Women of The Week: The Ladies of LUXE Kurves Magazine - Brandee Kurvy Joyner, Kristy Salazar, & Akeyla Asuncion

Marketing Director Akeyla Asuncion, Multi-Media Personlaity Kristy Salazar, & Editor-In-Chief Brandee Joyner at the LUXE Kurves Fashion Show
     The first time I had heard about LUXE Kurves Magazine is when marketing guru Akeyla 

Asuncion called me up and invited me to their Fashion Night in Los Angeles, California last May.

Upon arriving at the event I was  warmly greeted by Akeyla, I quickly understood that this fashion '

show was a lot more diverse and inclusive then the previous ones I've attended. LUXE Kurves

Magazine celebrates and champion curvy women and the women of all sizes & cultural

backgrounds. It was great to see that my lens would be graced with the likes of Latino, Asian, and 

Black women walking down the runway all with different body types. After the fashion show I met

the creator of it all at LUXE Kurves - Brandee Joyner.

Brandee Joyner at the 2016 Amber Rose Slut Walk
Brandee is all about her business as the Editor-in-Chief  but you could see she enjoys empowering

women through her brand and using LUXE Kurves as a positive platform. Brandee was also the

co-host of that evening with Multi-Media Personality Kristy Salazar. Kristy uses her voice and

platform as a LGBT community leader to speak on important topics and to motivate those to live out

their dreams. She co-hosts a a Talk Show alongside Brandee in the San Diego area as well. Their

chemistry is amazing! Akeyla serves as the Marketing Director of  LUXE Kurves Magazine and her

glowing personality was in step with the infectious energy that surrounded the night. We've touched

on how she's a mogul in herself in our 'Brave New World" interview with her last year talking

about her marketing company, Asunsheowns.
Akeyla Asuncion at the 2016 Luxe Kurves Fashion Show
  I would come across this trio of Brandee, Kristy, & Akeyla again when I was asked to do coverage

of the Amber Rose Slut Walk Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. When the press

conference  was underway I heard Brandee in the back asking a question that caused Amber Rose to

pause and left the crowd in awe. It was about legacy. See Brandee is all about forward thinking and

having people on her team that push her. After the press conference was done I headed to the

elevator. I saw Brandee, Kristy, and Akeyla all huddled up ready to run their next play, plotting their

next move. With Brandee's ability to lead, Akeyla's marketing mind and Kristy's knack to

communicate relevant issues this trio are all bosses on their own but they are even stronger together. 

Kristy Salazar, Brandee Joyner, and Akeyla Asuncion at the Amber Rose Slut Walk Press Confrence

Luxe Kurves Instagram/Twitter: @LuxeKurves 

2017 MLK Community Health Foundation's Sharing The Dream Luncheon

'Power' Creator/Showrunner Courtney Kemp

On January 13th at the Dorthoy Pavillion Center in Los Angeles, California community leaders,

healthcare professionals, and fighters for justice commenced the eve of the Martin Luther King Jr.

weekend for the 2017 MLK Health Foundation's Sharing the Dream Luncheon. We commmearate

this holiday to not only celebarte the life and legacy of Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr.

but for what he stood for. Being honored at the luncheon was 'Power', Starz's most watched orginal

series, Creator/Showrunner Courtney Kemp who received the Game Changer Award. Also receiving

the Game Changer Award was the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for the Second District.

Other honorees included Chef Govind Armstrong and LA Kitchen and Founder & CEO Robert Egger

both receiving the Health Champion Award. 

President of the MLK Health Care Foundation Dyan Sublett & CBS Anchor Pat Harvey

The Newman Twins
Trio Ellas - Stephanie Amaro, Suemy Gonzalez, & Nelly Cortez

President of the MLK Health Care Foundation Dyan Sublett, Chef Govind Armstrong, CBS Anchor Pat Harvey, MLK Health Care Foundation CEO Dr. Elaine Batchlor, Creator/Executive Producer of "Power" Courtney Kemp, L.A. Kitchen Founder & CEO Robert Egger
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for the Second District, Mark Ridley Thomas
Creator/Showrunner of "Power" Courtney Kemp Talks About 
 The Popularity of The Show

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Steez Report: Golden Globes Edition

Actress Meagan Good at the Fox After Party

Making the best dressed list...

Actress Amandla Stenberg at the InStyle Magazine After Party

Creator/Writer of Atlanta - Actor Donald Glover

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal