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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Golden Rules: Au Clothing Collection Presented by Soundz

written by Evan L. Jackson

As I patiently waited for the man of the hour, super mega hit Producer Soundz he uttered to a nearby guest "I never thought I'd be able to open up my own line at store a like this", an obvious moment of clarity for the ever talented musician, certified hit maker, designer and now CEO of his brand new clothing line 'Au'.  Soundz has made waves with his production most notably the Rae Sremmurd & Nicki Minaj smash of a hit "Throw Sum Mo". He's expanded his reach to include a brand new clothing line. And it wasn't just any store that featured Soundz fresh digs it was the DOPE store on Fairfax in Los Angele California which has been a hotbed for the coolest lines to be released in the most recent years.. You can tell by the accoutrements - the gold out 'Au' necklace, the Mercedes Benz track suit, and the 90's swag about him that Soundz is about his fashion. He is also about his substance -Au on the periodic table is Gold but for the purposes of his brand it also doubles for Soundz mantra with his crew "Add Up". If you do the math simply Soundz is a man of many talents yet for every venture he delves into he sets the gold standard every time.

Following Photos by Evan L. Jackson

Soundz At His "Au' Collection Launch Party

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Beyoncé reminds us that she's Queen at Coachella 2018

written by Meagan Faison

The hive is shook, honey. Jaws still on the floor and edges fully snatched. It’s come to a point where this statement is more fact than opinion: Beyonce really is Queen of EVERYTHING (including Coachella)! At this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which is now being referred to as #Beychella (for obvious reasons), Beyonce shut down the main stage with an epic performance. 

After having to reschedule her Coachella appearance last year, Beyonce made it up to the Beyhive with an unforgettable homecoming-themed performance. Leave it to Bey to create a full HBCU experience in the middle of a So-Cal desert, Mixing college themes with Egyptian goddess vibes and her own Houston/New Orleans southern flair. A full marching band, step team and dancers who were jiggapopping for the gods helped set the scene for the show.

Through two hours and five outfit changes, Beyoncé got us all in formation with our old and new favorite hits like ‘Crazy in Love,’ ‘Flawless,’ ‘Drunk In Love,’ ‘Freedom,’ and ‘Single Ladies.’

Queen Bey had a few special guests to make her performance even more memorable. Fellow Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined Bey on-stage for a reunion of some of our favorite songs like ‘Lose My Breath’ and ‘Say My Name.’ Rapper hubby Jay-Z hit the stage for ‘Deja Vu,’ and sister Solange showed out for the dance break of ‘Check Up On It.’

The show was more than just another amazing performance. Beyoncé is the first Black woman ever to headline Coachella. A historic achievement that she took on with her signature balance of grace and pure work ethic. 

Catch Beyonce And Jay Z again for this summer for their On The Run Part II tour. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Spicy Life March Matchness

Photos & Video by Evan Jackson
Written by Evan Jackson

What's Love Got To Do With It? Apparently a lot, considering the turn out for Spicy Mari's The Spicy Life March Matchness mixer at The Continental Club in Los Angeles, California, people want to be wanted. Relationship Expert Spicy Mari created The Spicy Life as a relationship firm that often host mixers that are part speed date, part panels of relationship experts giving their insight on how to navigate the the dating world.

The Spicy Life imprint also includes a podcast on iHeart Radio. Spicy Mari is ingenious for creating this platform because almost everyone is looking for love or at least a companion that they have undeniable chemistry with, but how, how can you meet that person? Spicy Mari says ask your friends, don't be sheepish about what you want, and set your standards. The reason Spicy Mari's advice resonated and had every person in that room at The Continental Club hang on every word is because her warm personality combined with raw advice that is presented in a way where she only wants to help comes off as natural. When she talks people listen. The most entertaining part of the night were conversations and different perspectives on: Is asking a woman can cook inherently sexist? Is having sex too early looked down upon and is their respect lost? Men would justify their want for a woman to cook based off of their own experiences of having a doting traditional mother of yesteryear year but the retort by these modern women were simply "It's not weather we can cook, it's weather we'll cook for you" a chiding remark that was a crowd pleaser. At the end of the day finding that relationship and creating that chemistry is entirely based on if that person is worth. Is that person worth the investment? If so, be honest, communicate thoroughly and dive into the deep end that is the crazy little thing called love.

Spicy Mari On Dating In LA 

Spicy Life March Matchness

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal

Feel Young, Be Bold, Live Regal