WOW Factor Women of The Week: The Ladies of LUXE Kurves Magazine - Brandee Kurvy Joyner, Kristy Salazar, & Akeyla Asuncion

Marketing Director Akeyla Asuncion, Multi-Media Personlaity Kristy Salazar, & Editor-In-Chief Brandee Joyner at the LUXE Kurves Fashion Show
     The first time I had heard about LUXE Kurves Magazine is when marketing guru Akeyla 

Asuncion called me up and invited me to their Fashion Night in Los Angeles, California last May.

Upon arriving at the event I was  warmly greeted by Akeyla, I quickly understood that this fashion '

show was a lot more diverse and inclusive then the previous ones I've attended. LUXE Kurves

Magazine celebrates and champion curvy women and the women of all sizes & cultural

backgrounds. It was great to see that my lens would be graced with the likes of Latino, Asian, and 

Black women walking down the runway all with different body types. After the fashion show I met

the creator of it all at LUXE Kurves - Brandee Joyner.

Brandee Joyner at the 2016 Amber Rose Slut Walk
Brandee is all about her business as the Editor-in-Chief  but you could see she enjoys empowering

women through her brand and using LUXE Kurves as a positive platform. Brandee was also the

co-host of that evening with Multi-Media Personality Kristy Salazar. Kristy uses her voice and

platform as a LGBT community leader to speak on important topics and to motivate those to live out

their dreams. She co-hosts a a Talk Show alongside Brandee in the San Diego area as well. Their

chemistry is amazing! Akeyla serves as the Marketing Director of  LUXE Kurves Magazine and her

glowing personality was in step with the infectious energy that surrounded the night. We've touched

on how she's a mogul in herself in our 'Brave New World" interview with her last year talking

about her marketing company, Asunsheowns.
Akeyla Asuncion at the 2016 Luxe Kurves Fashion Show
  I would come across this trio of Brandee, Kristy, & Akeyla again when I was asked to do coverage

of the Amber Rose Slut Walk Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. When the press

conference  was underway I heard Brandee in the back asking a question that caused Amber Rose to

pause and left the crowd in awe. It was about legacy. See Brandee is all about forward thinking and

having people on her team that push her. After the press conference was done I headed to the

elevator. I saw Brandee, Kristy, and Akeyla all huddled up ready to run their next play, plotting their

next move. With Brandee's ability to lead, Akeyla's marketing mind and Kristy's knack to

communicate relevant issues this trio are all bosses on their own but they are even stronger together. 

Kristy Salazar, Brandee Joyner, and Akeyla Asuncion at the Amber Rose Slut Walk Press Confrence

Luxe Kurves Instagram/Twitter: @LuxeKurves 


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