YBR Baes - Yasmine Sangari & Nneka E. Ibeabuch

Co-Owners of the clothing brand Sugar Koated, Yasmine Sangari & Nneka E. Ibeabuch

Creatives Yasmine Sangari & Nneka E. Ibeabuch embody the phrase Black Is Gold. These two

women have come together to create the clothing and accessory brand Sugar Koated. The elegant

designs and the clothes for the everyday woman highlight the shapes and curves we're accustomed to

seeing in the modern world. With such pieces entitled "Glitter Me" with a crop top accompanied

by a shine on skirt, you can see how these two want to set their brand apart from the rest. Proving

that Black is beautiful and Black is bold we can't wait see what Yasmine & Nneka have planned for

2017 but we'll be sure it will be filled with sugar and spice.

You Can Follow Yasmine On Instagram: @yazzistush

You Can Follow Nneka On Instagram: @africanjawn

And Sugar Koated On Instagram: @shopsugarkoated



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