Brave New World

Brave New World: Akeyla Asuncion Interview 
Akeyla Asuncion of Asunsheowns (artwork in the background by Artist Tina McDowelle)
by Evan Jackson 
Photos by Evan Jackson 

I witnessed first hand Owner of Asunsheowns Marketing Events Akeyla Asuncion in action at the Luxe Kurves Fashion Show in Los Angeles, California. I could already tell she has a great rapport and respect for her clients, always wanting to see them maximize their opportunities. With her expertise in retail Akeyla used her business savvy mindset to create her own marketing company in San Diego. The best qualities about Akeyla is her personable nature, her welcoming approach, and her old school tactics to marketing. Not relying heavily on social media she prefers the in-person customer interaction. She talks to us about organic connections between clients and brands that make sense. Her key demographic is millennials where she has the ability to tap into not what they want but what they need. In this new era of marketing Akeyla has done something brave, bypassing trendy models of thought and breaking away from stereotypes of millennials and paving a path, her path.      

Akeyla Asuncion on Creating Her Own Marketing Company 

Akeyla Asuncion speaks on Milliennials being the new age Entreprenurs and the Boldest Thing She Will Do This Year 


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