Travelista Tuesday - Nailah's Travel Diary

Nailah Monique scuba diving on Maafushi Island, Maldavies

You know how people say they would love to trek across the world and go to those dream

destinations if they have the time. Almost as if it seems unattainable and fleeting. Well Nailah

Monique doesn't fantasize about dream vacations she simply lives them. As a recent California State,

Los Angeles graduate who's been in the entertainment field, she has made the time & made the most

of it. She had a vision to enjoy what the world had to offer and share those chronicles on her

YouTube travel vlog 'Broke & Traveling'. The clever title is true to form with Nailah globetrotting

to exotic locations like the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok to the

beautiful beaches of Maldives. The perspective of her photos are always from her vantage point

whether it's her gazing at a waterfall or in wonderment of the tallest  buildings known to man in


Nailah speaks on her experiences on her journey, "In every new place, I visited I had a new

crew to hang out with and explore with. I still talk to most of them on a weekly basis. and now I have

friends all over the world! I feel in love with Thailand and I never knew how beautiful a 'third world'

could be. The people, the culture, and the land amazed me. I couldn't believe how happy the people

were, and they had what seem to us Americans as very little, when in reality they had it all." 

Instagram: @adventurousnai

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Nailah Exlporing Chian Mai 


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