Violet Noir Grand Opening! An Event Curation Studio, Black Woman Owned & Operated


by Evan L. Jackson
Photos by Evan L. Jackson 

The color violet represents royalty, wisdom, extravagance, creativity and one of my favorites: grandeur. That is a perfect synopsis of the entrepreneur Marie Thorne. You can also add loyalty to those list of attributes as Marie is as loyal to the soil as it comes; explaining to me that Violet Noir LA isn's simply a business venture for her it's a specific beacon for the community to feel loved, to feel welcomed, to learn and to love one another. Located in the West Adams area of Los Angeles this place will be here to stay as it focuses in on bringing together Black owned businesses, women of color and Black women.  

As an event curation studio this was an incredible moment to take in the grand opening. Marie is one of the first interviews I've ever done for Young Bold And Regal so it felt like a full circle moment wrapped in a new beginning. She has always been about the community so this is just an extension of her innovative mindset. A physical space where you curate indelible moments with loved ones and special gatherings. In attendance there were her longtime friends and the ultimate party starter Vonye. And of course the budding mogul Akeyla Asuncion. And just like her namesake she is sunny, bright smiled and a blast of good energy. 

There was many hugs, dancing and fun times and this was a great grand opening. I love the mission statement:
"Violet Noir was designed with a core focus to highlight Black owned businesses and women of color." 
This is sure to be a place for the community to thrive and Black women be represented well in their business launches as well as women of color and Black owned businesses. 
Book your future events here because Marie is sure to make it unforgettable.

Instagram: @violetnoir_la 


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