EnimaL's Ambition

Young Bold And Regal CEO Evan Jackson & Hip Hop Artist EnimaL

Photos by Evan L. Jackson
Written by Evan L. Jackson

As I go from event to event covering the latest in Entertainment - one tends to see familiar faces. And with introductions and those making their foray into the industry, you realize the consistent power players tend to take their craft more seriously than others. That's absolutely the case with Hip Hop Artist EnimaL who was introduced to me by his Publicist Suria of Sanguine PR months ago at a Her Hip LA showcase. With an impressive client she seemed eager to have EnimaL at the forefront, maybe because she knew had star quality. With his impending album coming 'Comma Club:Bottle Muzik' dropping I embarked on his album release party. With calm vibe EnimaL wasn't over anxious, he was ready - almost like he knew it was his time.

They say behind every great man is a great woman, in this scenario the women that should be at the forefront are Suria, Simone Taylor of Voodo Guru, and Her Hip Hop LA founder All Access Jas who put together the release party. All credit to EnimaL for his success but the women on his team & the women who help created the platform for the night deserve to be applauded. The vision for your brand is heightened when you have the right fit - combined with his passion for the game and the people he surrounds himself with you can definitely see EnimaL going far.


Young Bold And Regal Correspondent Cherish & Young Bold And Regal CEO Evan Jackson

Her Hip Hop LA Founder All Acess Jas & Young Bold And Regal CEO Evan Jackson


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