The Spicy Life March Matchness

Photos & Video by Evan Jackson
Written by Evan Jackson

What's Love Got To Do With It? Apparently a lot, considering the turn out for Spicy Mari's The Spicy Life March Matchness mixer at The Continental Club in Los Angeles, California, people want to be wanted. Relationship Expert Spicy Mari created The Spicy Life as a relationship firm that often host mixers that are part speed date, part panels of relationship experts giving their insight on how to navigate the the dating world.

The Spicy Life imprint also includes a podcast on iHeart Radio. Spicy Mari is ingenious for creating this platform because almost everyone is looking for love or at least a companion that they have undeniable chemistry with, but how, how can you meet that person? Spicy Mari says ask your friends, don't be sheepish about what you want, and set your standards. The reason Spicy Mari's advice resonated and had every person in that room at The Continental Club hang on every word is because her warm personality combined with raw advice that is presented in a way where she only wants to help comes off as natural. When she talks people listen. The most entertaining part of the night were conversations and different perspectives on: Is asking a woman can cook inherently sexist? Is having sex too early looked down upon and is their respect lost? Men would justify their want for a woman to cook based off of their own experiences of having a doting traditional mother of yesteryear year but the retort by these modern women were simply "It's not weather we can cook, it's weather we'll cook for you" a chiding remark that was a crowd pleaser. At the end of the day finding that relationship and creating that chemistry is entirely based on if that person is worth. Is that person worth the investment? If so, be honest, communicate thoroughly and dive into the deep end that is the crazy little thing called love.

Spicy Mari On Dating In LA 

Spicy Life March Matchness


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