Beauty Meets Media Tour In LA Presented By Miracle Watts

Written by Evan L. Jackson
 All Photos By Evan L. Jackson

The Beauty Meets Media Tour was presented by Entrepreneur & Model Miracle Watts in concert with Media Girls LA founder Mercedes. Taking place in Los Angeles,California this was a great event to see Black Women and Black business thrive and connect. During our interview Miracle Watts said she wanted to debunk the myth that Black women can't get along or that they can not work together. She shattered that stereotype with putting a mix of diverse women who served as Social Media influencers. From Model Bria Myles who has over a million followers to the highly touted Miss Diddy LA - hailing the title as the only woman promoter in Hollywood and head of the firm that connects the celebs to the best evens in the LA area, The Brand Group LA.

With many vendors in the building including 12AM and sponsors such as Ciroc it was a very well put together event. The content of the influencers were diverse as well. The main points that i got was: Be authentic with your brand, be consistent with your content, push your brand into areas where you see it fitting in long term, and doing an exchange of services - monetary or incentive based- in regard of you brand will help with boost your exposure. What was so profound about they day is when I asked the ladies of the panel what was their boldest move. So amazing! I got so many unexpected answers! As seen in the clip below, their insight and reflections on their boldest moves were a testament to their story. That leap of faith landed them in the positions they are at now. Smart and successful business woman imparting their wisdom on hopeful souls looking to follow on those same steps.

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