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Sunday, March 25, 2018

9th Annual Women Wealth Warriors Entrepreneur Luncheon

Written By Evan L. Jackson
All Photos By Evan L. Jackson

The 9th Annual Women Wealth Warriors Luncheon was held at the Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, California and it couldn't be any more wonderful! The woman leading the day's festivities was Women Wealth Warrior Founder Tunisia Offray, who has an impressive resume of being an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and amazingly does this all while being a single mother of four. Tunisia is also the founder of  the Shepard's Door - in conjunction with her mother Linda Offray-  a non profit organization assisting and supporting victims and survivors of Domestic Violence and is the owner of Prestige Insurance & Financial Services Inc.  I noticed in Tunisia she's composed yet she's been through a lot and her sharing her story throughout the Luncheon was a show of strength. She's confident enough to know that the pain and joy she's endured in her life can give hope to someone else.

Women Wealth Warriors is a platform Tunisia created for fellow boss women who have paved their own way with entrepreneurial endeavors and women owned businesses .What I found fascinating about the event was the amount of support for Tunisia as well as the atmosphere of Women Empowerment. It permeated the air and that warmth, that love was apparent from everyone in the room. It being Women's History Month Tunisia holds this Luncheon to empower and enrich the organizations that put women first & inspire all of those in attendance. The running themes were you are worthy, you are enough, and you have the resources & capabilities to build a successful business. Tunisia has created an organization in Women Wealth Warriors that emboldens women, giving them the motivation and the tools they need to follow their dreams and accomplish their goals.

Women Wealth Warriors Website:
Women Wealth Warriors Instagram: @womenwealthwarriors


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