Queen of The Day: Actress Ajahanna De Vargas


by Evan L. Jackson 

Speaking to Ajahanna De Vargas on the phone there was a certain passion that was undeniable, not only apparent in her extensive acting resume but also in the way she spoke about the love of acting itself. With over 28 years of experience in acting with a mix of trials and tribulations she does not make any excuses for her passion. Dedicated to her craft, it is admirable the way she continues to be resilient and re-dedicate her self to every role. Here is a quote from her that encapsulates her incredible journey.  

"I tell you these very important things, so you know I’m more than an actress. I am a hidden gem and a leader that I know many others will respect and help me to spread awareness strength and perseverance through any struggle they face. I plan to use my face and voice to help large communities of suffering people in these categories I’ve mentioned."

With myself being a student of the game: constantly sourcing the up and coming creatives in the industry along with the hidden gems that shine brightly in the corners of the internet. I had followed Ajahanna years ago via Instagram and she had followed and supported me and the Young Bold And Regal imprint. Every time she posted was purposeful. It felt impactful. Digging deeper into her story I had seen she'd acted for many years which makes sense in the ease she does her variety of roles. Speaking with her further she delved into her time of homelessness, being in Domestic Violence situations, sexual abuse not only at a young age but also in adulthood. Mental Health was also a factor in her upbringing with her mother struggling with mental issues. 

Ajahanna emhepasized to me she is not a victim but a survivor and in my eyes a thriver in all of the traumatic events that have transpired in her life. The pure mental strength it takes for her to balance her acting career with those moments in her life is not easy, damn might seem impossible she did it and is doing it! When she isn't practicing a monologue or preparing for a role she is dedicated to suicide prevention, Domestic Violence awareness work, and mental health advocacy.  She is our Queen of The Day because of her resiliency, her poise, her grace and her beautiful heart and compassion. Please follow her and her journey as an actor & know her name will be known!




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