Tayla Parx Talks About Portraying Donna Summer In SPINNING GOLD

by Evan L. Jackson

With a star-lit glint look in her eye Tayla Parx floated on the red carpet in a beautiful blue dress as I asked her for a sound byte. I asked her how she embodied the iconic Donna Summer in the film 'Spinning Gold'. The film follows the life of music executive titan Neil Bogart and his legendary Casablanca Records imprint that made a huge impact on the music industry. From being an independent label to signing acts like KISS, Donna Summer, and many more. THE scene in Spinning Gold that showed me Tayla tapped into another level was a studio session of Donna Summer re-doing the "Love To Love You Baby"song with her sizzling on the track. Tayla talks about reaching out to Donna Summer's closest family and friends to see what would honor her legacy. Which she certainly did. See Spinning Gold in movie theaters everywhere now.



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