Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Netflix Premiere

written by Evan L. Jackson 

The Bridgerton craze spawned many stars but my absolute favorite was the regal and witty Queen Charlotte exquisitely portrayed by Actress Golda Roshevel. With such charm she took the breath away of Daphne Bridgerton and left everyone in suspense whenever she spoke. That's why this premiere was so special. A Black woman tracing her royal roots in this reign of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgeton Story. 

Actress India Ria Amarteifio portrays a young coming of age Queen Charlotte. Like any other teenage girl she toils between her impeding responsibilities as well as distracted by notable admirers. The teenage angst encapsulated in the regency era and world of Bridgeton looks so fun! With mega superstars like Alicia Keys coming the the premiere tonight it felt as if this was a coronation.
This is a Bridgeton story so you can anticipate its quips and romantically charged storylines. What makes it different is that making this a coming of story you'll see character development in real time. The original Bridgerton story highlighted its heroes with flashbacks and grand gestures, which made for compelling scenes. Queen Charlotte's origin story is felt with self-conflict, the politics of being a Queen, all while she's defining her womanhood. What is the origin story of Queen Charlotte's steely presence? Yes, she's revered as royalty but what attests to her unclenching reign? All the answers to the endless questions will play out in this season of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. The nuance or this particular tale will hopefully breathe life into more spinoffs or better yet a well crafted season 3 of Bridgerton that'll excite fans of the show and entice new ones. 


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