Wood & Words

Wood & Words: Kristina Marie Sison Interview

By Evan Jackson

The last time we spoke with artist and designer Kristina Marie Sison she was completing her Interior Design Graduate Program at Cal State Northridge ready to release more of her artwork on the world. Since then she continues to put positive words to wood- whether it be skateboards or other canvases. She has graduated from CSUN, appeared on Free Form (formerly ABC Family) original series Job Or No Job, and became a Project Manager at BlackHouse Hospitality. She has done all of this while customizing skateboards with her typography that have been bought by people across the globe. She stills has that same passion when I last interviewed her but this time when she sat down with our host Anna Bobadilla she had a glint in her eye. As if she had reached another level of tranquility. This time nothing can faze Kristina; she navigates the world more confident than ever and she thrives the most when spreading positive messages through her artwork.

Our Director/Host Anna Bobadilla with artist Kristina Marie Sison
                      Young, Bold, And Regal Interview With Artist Kristina Marie Sison



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