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Nonsense of the Artistic Variety: Kristina Marie Interview

Visual concept designer Kristina Marie has been making designs since a young age. Already having a Visual Communications degree, she is currently receiving her second degree in Interior Design. She uses different mediums such as skateboards and longboards for her designs and typography that you can see on her artist page Inspired by the culture of Los Angeles artist Kristina Marie creates some pretty cool decks and creates fun and decorative artwork that is full of life.

Age: 25

Home Town: Oak Harbor,Washington

Where do the inspirations behind your designs come from?

For the most part, my designs come from everything around me. I’ve been commissioned by different people, so my projects vary from paintings for children, based on fandom for sports teams, to inspiring words and people’s personal mantras… And music lyrics, like Queen B, go ‘Yonce!

You’re currently working on your interior design degree. What projects have you done recently?

Last semester, my team worked on a project for a 2 story nightclub for one class. I’ve done a good amount of commercial projects, like a physical rehabilitation center and some residential projects like a steam punk micro house with a secret doorway that is hidden behind a bookshelf. My interior designs usually have some crazy unique element. So far the nightclub has been my favorite project; we hung a dead tree upside and added some cool LED lights!

You seem to be very in tune with culture. Whether it is the culture of your family or the culture of the city you live in, Los Angeles, how does that influence your artwork and design?

This city is so inspiring, I love it here. It’s an artist’s dream! I study art, have a degree in Visual Communications and just admire my fellow artists so I am CONSTANTLY sourcing. I take a million pictures… DAILY! I mean, look at my Instagram! Life is beautiful, and too short to not soak up everything.

Which set designs have you done and which ones are looking forward to doing the most?

Some of my favorites have included a train station complete with working lights, the Visual Communication windows at FIDM, and this white box we designed for a photo shoot. I occasionally do prop dressing, art direction for small scale productions, and I have a few projects to work on in the future, if I can find the time between work and school!

What are some of your favorite art pieces you’ve seen in museums and art galleries you’ve visited?

I have yet to go to the Van Gough exhibit at LACMA but I’ve heard good things about it. Some of my favorites truly are the art that I see on the streets… Ron English piece in downtown LA was AMAZING. I was taking my sister to the Greyhound and we stumbled upon it. I swear the best art is the art that is made from true passion and madness. I have a strange obsession with paintings of beautiful women, painted by beautiful women. It must be my strong belief in GIRL POWER, yes I grew up in the time of the Spice Girls! Charmaine Olivia, Sylvia Ji, Audrey Kawasaki… Jess Durant’s watercolors are beautiful! I’m slowly getting into watercolors.

I like the way you use different mediums to display your art. What made you decide to do this?

Some are fueled by class projects, some are fueled by necessity to fill up my apartment, or just for the hell of it. I took a 3D glass and it was my favorite class, hands down. I’m a thriftier by nature, I love taking old things and turning them into new… or new to me. I just to work for skate and surf shops and at Volcom and I’ve always been around the skate culture as a kid. It’s got a different vibe than interior design so it’s given me so much artistic freedom.

You also experiment with different materials are some of your favorite materials to use and why?

I love wood, it’s always had my back. I love a good stained skateboard and throwing some painter’s enamel on that baby. That’s why I use when I paint my decks, One Shot Painter’s Enamel! I bought a heat gun recently, because I want to work more with plastics. I once molded a bunch of army men for a controversial piece where the theme was repetition. It’s one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever made and I did a show and so many people were amazed at how creative it was.

Do you see yourself hosting an art gallery one day of your own designs and artwork?

I’ve done a small one, a few years ago. I think it would be so fun to show my work, but I have so many random pieces so it would most likely just showcase my skateboards.

What do you hope to achieve in your design career?

I would love to see where my skateboards end up. So far I have one in England, and one is set to go to India, and some are scattered throughout the US. I could have easily picked a pop culture icon and tweaked it, and I have respect for artists that do that, but I want to bring about positivity and remind people to stay optimistic. My parents had hoped that their children would excel in the medical field, but I’ve been designing since I was 7 years old, so that to me, is my contribution to the world. If you see my skateboards you see that some are fun, but most of them have a positive message, or remind people to live a little. I have longboards now, and eventually would like to design surfboards, and snowboards, and other fun things. I have a whole other side of professional design goals too, but designing my Sk8Marie decks has not only brought some income, but also serves as a relaxation tool from my hectic life.

Where can people reach you?

Instagram: @kmarielmnop for my personal adventures, @Sk8Marie for my skateboard adventures. My tumblr, 
My website: 
Email me to get your hands on your own deck


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