Too Fit To Quit

Too Fit To Quit: Lauren Fit DJ Interview 
 By Evan Jackson 

When you hear those mantras "Never Give Up","Why stop now? You're so close to your goal, keep going", or "You can achieve any goal, if you put in the time and effort" they almost seem too cliche and unattainable. But when you meet someone who embodies those mantras you see the true meaning of them. That's how I felt when I met Lauren Pappas known as Lauren Fit DJ. She's built a career on her two passions; fitness and her love for music. Through fitness she found self confidence and emphasizes for her its not an activity it's a lifestyle. Her workout videos on her YouTube page Pimpin' Iron make fitness fun and accessible. With music she's perfected her craft as a DJ taking it out of the clubs and into the gyms providing her own mix with her podcast Fit DJ's Flex Factory. Brand building and body building are the cornerstones of Lauren Fit DJ's career. She'll inspire you and encourage you to aspire for a better fitness life and having you thinking why would ever quit. 

Lauren Fit DJ on her Fitness Journey & Incorporating Music into her Career 

 Lauren Fit DJ on Expanding her Brand & What's Next

Fitness Tips From Lauren Fit DJ



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