The Art of Dance

The Art of Dance: Justice Domingo Interview

Justice Domingo is a dancing phenom and an accomplished choreographer. She’s experienced in all styles of dance including ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, and modern.  Growing up in the Los Angeles area, she has trained under her mentor the legend Debbie Allen.  Justice has toured with artists as a professional dancer, taught master classes across the country, and has done choreography for music videos.  She expresses her personality and passion through the personal art form of dance.   
Age: 16

Hometown: San Jose, CA

How did your love for dancing come about?
I began dancing at a young age in all styles. My brother was a dancer before I was born, so I somewhat followed in his footsteps. I realized I had a passion for it around 12 years old & it then became a part of me rather than just a hobby. 

How was it like to be picked as a protégé of the legendary Debbie Allen at such a young age?
Debbie Allen has been a huge part of my growth as a dancer. Her studio was the first studio I attended when I moved to LA. It's an amazing feeling knowing that such an incredible icon took me under her wing. I am incredibly honored to be mentored by her.

When did you begin your career as a choreographer?
I began choreographing professionally at the age of 14. Choreography is great because it's my work…MY art and something that I create from what I feel internally. There are no limits to what I do when I create my work, which is my favorite part. 

How would you describe your choreography style?
My choreography varies from time to time-- It can be very sexy or very hood.

What has been your biggest accomplishment to date as a choreographer?
I take pride in all of my projects so it's very hard to choose just one of my favorite accomplishments as a choreographer. I enjoyed choreographing a piece in my mentors' Dave Scott & Debbie Allen's show, which I did the past two years. Also, I choreographed a music video that aired on 106&Park which was pretty awesome.

You can see the passion you have for dancing; when you get in to the flow of the music you crack a smile. As if you’ve gotten the routine down and at that point it’s just fun for you. What is it like in that moment?
In that moment… it's as if all problems and negative feelings fade. It's just about dance and expression at that point & doing what I love to do.

What are you dancing to now and which songs are your absolute favorites to dance to?
I'm the choreographer for my college's hip hop dance company here on campus, so I’m currently in the process of creating their piece. I've been working on a dance to Mila J's "Smoke, Drink, Break Up". I also love old school vibes like Missy Elliott.

How did you get the opportunity teach master classes across the country. What is at least one memorable moment?
Once I created a following on social media and it grew, my followers expressed their interests in me teaching in their cities. I gave it a shot & I was completely blown away by the turn out of people who showed up. I flew across the country to places like New York & DC and hundreds of people showed up just to learn from me. The feeling is truly indescribable. If I could relive it, I would!

How do you come up with a new routine for clients?
My process is very simple. I play the songs over and over again and I basically dance what I feel the song would "look like". I usually choreograph to different parts in the song, and then piece them together to create a full routine.

What is the most difficult part of being in the choreography/dance industry?
The most difficult part is trying to stay positive & not get discouraged. There are many times in this industry where dancers don't work at all & you constantly hear "No". Fortunately I've learned to push forward and keep in mind that I love what I do.

How will you balance your college life and your career as a choreographer?
Hard work & dedication will allow me to balance college and dance. Both school and work are equally important and I feel that neither should be compromised for the other. I guess I won't be getting any sleep… haha.

Do you consider dancing whether it be Hip Hop, contemporary, or modern an art form?
I most definitely, 100%, consider dance to be an art form. Dancers are artists who create from different places. Whether it's internal or external, our work always comes from a place that people around us can relate to. It's a language. We are communicating our thoughts, feelings, and emotions through movement. 

Going forward, what are you future aspirations as far as doing choreography for music videos, TV, and movies?
I would love to choreograph for commercials, videos… everything. I also would like to go into production.

What are your plans beyond your choreography career?
I would love to stay in the entertainment industry in some way, whether it’s dance, production, casting directing.

Where can people reach you?
You can reach me at my email and on twitter: @justicedomingo


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