Exclusive! Eva Longoria On Directing "Flamin' Hot" movie & Winning at the IMAGEN Awards!

Eva Longoria at the POWER WOMEN SUMMIT for The Wrap talks to us exclusively about directing Flamin' Hot moive and winning at the IMAGEN Awards. It was so fun to speak with Eva Longoria because she's been such a fixture in Hollywood. We all fell in love with her on Desperate Housewives and seeing in her career is so spectacular. She has been a director for a while, directing TV episodes, and this awas her first foray into featured fillmaking. Flamin' Hot tells the story of Richard Mutes who is know as the godfather of modern marketing at it pertains to Frito-Lay. After he sucessfully marketing hot cheetoes at the company decades ago. The converastion was so canidid and free flowing I could of gone on forever! But we capped it at her boldest move, which she admitted was becoming a filmmaker. I feel her directorial career has added a level to her already amazing career. We also touched on the importance of women in power postions within the entertainment industry such as filmmaker, executive producer and showrunner. She agreed that these are vital positons women are in and growing in, their persepctive is necessary and we need to continue to support them!


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