Coalition of Black Men Physicians Celebrates Advancement of Executive Board Member into Medical School

by Evan L. Jackson

The Coalition of Black Men Physicians, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is celebrating an important milestone in the journey to increase diversity within the medical field. During the Fall of 2023, Charles R. Drew University (CDU) proudly hosted the historic white coat ceremony for the MD program's first cohort of future physicians, marking the beginning of a transformative journey for aspiring medical professionals. This event, which brings together students, faculty, families, and esteemed guests, was particularly outstanding as it honored one of CBMP executive board members, Darrin Ward, as he embarks on his medical education journey. Black men make up less than 3% of physicians, so it is important to highlight these incredible achievements. 

CDU, a private, non-profit, health sciences institution located in the heart of South Los Angeles, connective tissue with the Coalition of Black Men Physicians (CBMP) is a shared mission and purpose to cultivate health professional leaders committed to social justice and health equity for underserved populations. Both organizations have worked tirelessly to address the pressing need to increase diversity within the healthcare workforce. "Our partnership with CBMP is important to our efforts to diversify the workforce and train physicians from this community to serve this community," stated Dr. Deborah Prothrow-Stith, founding Dean of CDU’s MD program and Dean of the CDU's College of Medicine. "We celebrate the CDU inaugural Class of 2027, and we are proud of Class member Darrin Ward, who exemplifies the CDU mission." According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, only 2.9% of medical school enrollment included Black males in the 2019-2020 academic year. The dearth of black male healthcare providers in healthcare underscores the urgency of organizations like CBMP and institutions like CDU to promote equity and inclusivity. Darrin Ward, Secretary on the Executive Board of CBMP, exemplifies the commitment to these shared goals. His journey to medical school has been marked by resilience and dedication, overcoming unprecedented challenges, including the loss of both his parents during his preparation and acceptance into medical school. As a member of the Class of 2027, Darrin represents the unwavering determination, adaptability, and compassion that are essential qualities in the healthcare field. "We are immensely proud of Darrin and the CDU Class of 2027 and their commitment to becoming compassionate and skilled healthcare professionals." said Lauren Senkbeil, President of CBMP. After completing his Masters program in Biomedical Sciences, Darrin joined CBMP as an intern, assisting in creating opportunities for black male physicians to network and build community, Darrin established himself as a leader and showcased his dedication towards supporting other black males wishing to enter the medical education pipeline. The Coalition of Black Men Physicians provides a platform for partnership amongst Black males who are in pursuit of higher education by increasing recruitment into and retention in medicine. The White Coat Ceremony is a time for reflection, celebration, and the reaffirmation of our mission to provide healthcare excellence to underserved communities.


 The founders of the Coalition of Black Men Physicians, Lauren Senkbeil and Dr. Richard Morgan, were inspired to create the organization through their passionate advocacy for Black male pre-medical students seeking to enter the medical education pipeline. CBMP is dedicated to fostering a cultural movement that paves the way for Black men aspiring to pursue careers in medicine. Through programs that provide fellowship, mentorship, and academic resources, along with financial support in the form of scholarship funds, the Coalition empowers these students to succeed. Both CBMP and CDU share a common vision of reshaping the landscape of the medical profession to better represent and serve our diverse nation. Darrin Ward's journey into medical school stands as a symbol of hope for a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system. 

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