Travelista Tuesday: Cropover Queen Lauren Los Angeles

by Evan L. Jackson 

Lauren Los Angels has such an easy breezy air to herself, but don't be fooled by her island nature; she works incredibly hard as an influencer and entrepreneur who is taking the Caribbean by storm during her stay in Barbados. From her gracing the island’s restaurants, resorts, parties and events, her magnetic energy and love for the Caribbean have earned her a growing following. With such notable travel publications like Visit Barbados and Barbados Tourism and marketing inc. noticing the definitive "Cropover Queen" reign her beauty and island vibes throughout the vibrant celebration. All this incredible notoriety is making her the most sought-after voice for marketing and promotion in Barbados. She stays grounded in her roots by highlighting her Hollywood entertainment acumen and marketing mind, all while being an international student and does this when she takes a break from studying. Recently moving to Barbados, she’s transitioned into a content creator role focusing on island life, luxury, and  travel. Her main focal point is being an international medical student while also enjoying experiences that the island has to offer. Caribbean music, the vibrant colors, dance, and flavorful food are nothing new to Lauren, whose family comes from Jamaica.

Coming from planning, coordinating and hosting events in Los Angeles, she splashed into the Cropover scene in 2022 as she hosted the nation’s largest event. This year she returned to the festivities in an even bigger way. With a newly launched beauty brand, HUZE Beauty Lab, Lauren hit the Kadooment Day streets with her lashes and a sponsor from Xhosa Band as she linked up with some of her local friends as she took viewers on a journey through the heart of the festivities. HUZE Beauty Lab is an international beauty brand that has been featured on the top women in Hollywood at award shows and now to the beautiful island women of Barbados.  

The Cropover Queen Lauren Los Angles says,"This is my second year doing Cropover. It all started when the Cropover Experience reached out and asked me to host Kadooment Day in 2022 and Anton Nixon produced the photo of me that went viral on Caribbean social media pages. We returned to the original route for Kadooment Day after being moved last year for COVID."
"This year I was an official host for the Cropover Experience again, sponsored by media team Island Zest, and band sponsor was Kohsuh Barbados."

While many refer to her as an advocate for healthcare, Lauren is still embracing her entertainment background as she becomes one with the  cultural Barbados traditions and events, such as Kadooment Day, which celebrates the origin of Barbados’ involvement in the sugar industry and the celebration of a successful sugar cane harvest. Lauren is passionate about making HUZE Beauty Lab an internationally recognized company, and aspires to be the next billionaire beauty mogul coming from the island of Barbados. She hopes to inspire others by documenting her journey and growth as a student and CEO while she is on the island. On what more she wants to do,"As a Caribbean influencer I hope to be working with local companies for marketing using promotion I hope to take this even bigger to luxury travel brands and utilize my background in marketing and public relations from Hollywood."

Photos by Adam Straburzynski*


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