The Micheaux Film Festival Honors Iconic Filmmaker Robert Townsend! Film Festival Celebrates Diversity & Independent Filmmakers! It’s Officially The First In Person Film Fest In The Covid Era
By Evan L. Jackson

Oscar Micheaux is the trailblazing Black filmmaker who created and developed his films in the silent film era over a 100 years ago. Making over 40 films his pioneering efforts were featured in The Hollywood Reporter
 and many film enthusiasts & directors have benefited from him. The film festival that honors him and his legacy of filmmaking is The Micheaux Film Festival that highlights independent filmmakers and visual stories that emphasize multilcultural stories. Created by Courtney L. Branch & Noel L. Braham. Courtney and Noel are the dynamic duo that took on the tough task of being the first in person film fest in the Post COVID era. Most film festivals , events and award shows either opt for virtual or  hybrid type of showcase that doesn’t quite live up to the original buzz pre-covid. Who would be the first film fest to step into the unknown? To have that courage? Have no fear, the Michaeux Film Fest is here. 

The 2021 Michaeux Film Fest lived up to the hype with a star studded red carpet of Actress || Filmmaker Reagan Gomez-Preston, Snowfall Actor Amin Joseph, and honoree of the night
Filmmaker Robert Townsend who brought along his daughter, Actress Skye Townsend of HBO’s show A Black Lady Sketch Show.

Each guest who was either a presenter, host, filmmaker or producer emphasized to me the importance of this film festival that focused on on Black filmmakers telling our stories, multi faceted storylines within their films and narratives that are original. What was refreshing to see and hear was that these were a multitude of stories being told on screen but one common theme is that the movies brubf us together. Thank you to Courtney and Noel for providing that experience again. 


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