The Man With A 1,000 Ventures: How George Khouri Is Building His Empire
written by Evan L. Jackson 

Remember when your parents or sage in the community would say “Stick to one thing and do it very well.” ? What if I told you can master all your passions - equally spread out through your life and build and just build. Well George Khouri is the perfect example of this nuanced age of multi hyphen talents. Upon hearing about his TV series “Black Coffee “ a few years back I knew apart of his story. A go getter, an unstoppable force of will and wit. Ripping through the independent awards scene, he pitched and landed “Black Coffee “ at Funny Or Die. That wasn’t the end or beginning. As I prepare for our zoom interview, doing research I find myself say “oh, that’s right” several times. That was me double checking my notes and writing down all of George’s ventures and accomplishments! His claim to fame might be seen into his uncanny Drake impression but he broke away from that to further develop film and TV projects behind the scene. He has a newly minted podcast called “The Imperfect Gentleman” in his back pocket. And at the forefront this summer his “Will & Jada” single (yes, he is a musical artist on top of all of this , where the hell does this guy find the time !!)  with singer Josephine: Channeling Will Smith and Jada Pinkett post entanglement with each artist on the song , respectively, focused on how they fell in love in the first place. Brilliant! You’ll learn more in this interview but implore you to follow every venture in your heart because it will pay off. So far it has worked for George and I have a feeling he’s just getting started.


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