R•E•C•I•P•R•O•C•I•T•Y: Lost Narratives New Voices Art Gallery Showcase

Photos by Kayla Bush
Written By Evan L. Jackson

Reminiscing over conversations from yesteryear , even from the previous decade - YES Welcome to 2020- what stood out to me were the genius talks I had with Curator Anefertiti Bowman. The aesthetically in tune, astute, cultural dynamo who is also a dear friend. She told me about creating a space for female artists of color to thrive, a haven for their artwork and have it being appreciated. That very same idea came to fruition in the R•E•C•I•P•R•O•C•I•T•Y:  Lost Narratives New Voices Art Gallery Showcase opening on January 11th at Art Share LA. Reciprocity features 7 women artists of color who are coming out of Otis College of Art and Design. Co-curated by Anefertiti: these narratives display hidden and unseen narratives and stories from the depths of hope, pain, joy, lost , love and life. 

Walking into this display you can feel the consciousness in the air, in the middle is an amazing painting - a unity of Black and Brown with a dove in the middle to symbolize hope. Young Bold And Regal Photographer Kayla Bush enamored at the art snapping away and finally letting the art consume her almost in a hypnotic state. Black and Brown Art runs the world: it permeates aspect of our Culture.  

This piece and many other pieces among the showcase was done by Lanise Howard. Influenced by afrofuturism there is a liveliness to her artwork and a warmth. This is precisely why you you have these showcases: to introduce us to new artists that tell incredible stories in their art. Creating a type of lore and legend we can automatically bond with because we don’t see great art we feel it. 

 As my friend Dominique Xavier, Make Up Artist Extraordinaire.  entered the art gallery she was drawn to one piece over the others. A somewhat cryptic artwork that focuses in on the female body which was seemingly bruised. Her, Kayla and I were trying to figure out this puzzling and fascinating piece. What could it mean? The artist behind this magic was Dominique Victoria and the artwork’s name was “Worship At My Altar”. She explained to us she was previously a dominatrix and she found it ironic that these powerful white me would worship at her altar. And she felt empowered thorough her art. So profound!

My favorite piece was once again done by Lanise Howard. A painting of a Black Man with pixelations around his head on his hair. I felt it had to do with in the midst of being Black your own thoughts and mindset of Blackness  is suppressed and censored. Even at your most peaceful and welcoming state you are perceived as a threat. The subject of the piece said the pixelations are resembling a protection of Black Hair. But what is meant to be free becomes protected and a self imposed prison of Black Culture? I say we let it flourish. This was so brilliant and relatable. 

Anefertiti as the co-curator did amazing bringing together this art gallery and not only necessary for the community but the Art World at large. The status quo needs to be disrupted for us to see the unseen. Great art exists in all aspects and I’m excited that this is just the beginning. 

Reciprocity will run through January 25, 2020. Enjoy, take it and know when you give a platform to hidden stories and art they shine even brighter under an artistic lens.  


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