Mogul Monday: Stylist Yvonne Mwazo of Styled By Yvonne

By Evan L. Jackson

When it comes to Fashion it is expression personified. Before you can even speak your style , your confidence and your energy all intertwine for a potent air about you that people either are to totally encapsulated by or utterly forgettable. Making a name for herself Stylist Yvonne Mwazo of Styled By Yvonne is so unforgettable just the mere mention of her inspires others to say “Have you introduced yourself to Yvonne, yet?” One interaction isn’t enough because each time is a warm conversation filled with positive sparks. That’s the feeling I got when I stepped into Yvonne’s opening Botique for Kendis Kloset.

With all of her friends , family and consumers in attendance Yvonne joyfully floated through the room with grateful nature and a permanent smile. As we present this week’s Mogul Monday know that being a BOSS starts with believing in yourself. In 2016 Yvonne states her journey as a Stylist. Originally from Kenya and growing up in Los Angeles . California you can see the many influences that help cultivate her style. Progressing her career she has such celebrities as Don Benjamin and TelliSwift. Look for more of her throughout the years. 


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