Angela C. Styles "Hair" Book Launch

Angela C. Styles is a Hair Stylist and a new author of her children's book "Hair" which chronicles a young African American girl's hair journey as she discovers the beauty of it. What was so interesting and great about Angela C. Styles Book Launch at the swanky Xen Lounge in Studio City, California is the love and support she received from those in attendance. Many women adorned in their Natural Crowns with their natural hairstyles flocked to Angela with congratulations, questions, and pure joy. A book for us? A book that highlights the beauty of Black hair along while in same breath addressing the identity politics that come with maintaining it? Yes and yes! And Angela's vast knowledge of hair doesn't only allow you to maintain your roots through her book she gives you a reason to thrive. Along with the illustration of JQ Sirls, Angela's book intertwines the reality of a young girl dealing with struggles of her hair to the fantasy of personifying her hair to point out the need for proper self hair care. The personification of her hair in the book is brilliantly done - when it gets thirsty just like us it needs the right nutrients to hydrate and grow. Overall this book isn't only for children, it's educational and inspiring for women and men to embrace their hair all over the world.

You can find 'Hair' at Target
And Pretty Girls Club! 


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