Four Lesson On How 'Girlfriends' Taught Us What We Know

Since today is #NationalGirlfriendsDay it was only right to celebrate not only your sister from another mister but an opportunity to look back at the iconic show about black womanhood and friendship in 'Girlfriends'. Starring Tracee Ellis Ross, Persia White, Golden Brooks, and Jill Marie Jones this show this show was where we are first exposed to Mara Barak Akil brilliant writing and the beautiful bond between women. We glean lessons from this show to celeberate woman and the sisterhood you share.

You Have Your Girlfriends To Celebrate The Good Times! 


The best part of Girlfriends is that between the group if there was a rift it didn't last for long. They either ended up consoling each other, mending their differences, and making up. They celebrated each other and joined in on the celebration.

You Have Your Girlfriends To Deliver The Honest Truth!



The sobering moments of 'Girlfriends' is when they had heart to heart conversations about what is means to be a black woman - in the workplace, in their love life, and especially in relation to each other. Those times were so intimate and crucial because it displayed real life problems  with kinship on the small screen. You need your girlfriends to give you the truth even if you are not ready for it because in the end they will love you regardless of your choices in life.

Your Girlfriends Are There For You Even At Your Worst!


At your worst you don't feel like doing much let alone seeing anybody but your closest confidants - your girls will be there to cheer you up, laugh through the hurt, and see the brighter side of life. Who else can you depend on after a bad breakup? When Joan would have her on and off again romances who was their to pick the pieces? Her Girlfriends.

Your Girlfriends Will Be The Most Loyal People In Your Life!


The most honorable aspect of 'Girlfriends' is that they were there for each other. The crew can depend on each other so that no one wasn't emotionally bankrupt or wallowed too much in their pity. You can rely on your girls to keep you up and be there for you. 


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