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Brains & Beauty: Jaz Graham Interview

Singer Jaz Graham is intelligent enough to know the influence she has on a generation of young women with her singing, modeling, philanthropic work and her ventures into the pageant world yet savvy enough to use her talents to the best of her ability. She's sassy, sexy, sophisticated and smart- all the qualities you need to make a budding female starlet. When I met her for the first time she had a glow about her, a real life example of Black Girl Magic. Jaz is currently competing for the 2017 Miss California USA Pageant while balancing a singing career and being a student. She has the "It" Girl look with the knowledge and wits to have long and successful career.

Jaz Graham On How She Handles Negativity On Social Media

 Jaz Graham On How Her Love Life Impacts Her Songwriting 

Jaz Graham On Her Philanthropic Work  


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