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Amy Correa Bell Interview

Amy Correa Bell is an overall entertainer who is a singer, songwriter, performer, and an actor in a variety of roles. On her blog she shares with us her personal style and puts a creative spin on her own look. In her artistry whether expressed through her music, the portrayals of her characters, or her style Amy is definitely one of a kind.    

Home Town: Lake View Terrace, CA

How would you define your style?

My style is regal, vintage, fun, and comfortable.

Why did you begin your personal style blog

When I was young I would always play make believe and dress up. I found that creating different looks that brought out the best in someone really got me excited, so I started styling my friends whenever we would go out or have an event.  I had a real knack for styling and this was a chance to fulfill a lost dream of starting a clothing line.  I was also inspired to start this blog to show all the different sides of my personality, and introduce people to my music. This blog is a platform to help the overall brand of who I am.

As an artist who is an actor and singer how do you balance working in both fields?

The performing aspect of being an overall entertainer is what excites me.   It can be challenging at times as far as scheduling goes, but I make the time because I love performing. Organization is important.  I use a daily planner and work with my manager to help me plan out my days.  I have written over 40 songs for television shows, and when I’m not writing songs, I am auditioning for roles. Music is a personal creative process that I can offer through my own experiences. As far as acting goes, you serve the character’s needs. The creative process has some similarities to music, but in acting you serve the character and the vision it was sought out to look like.

What have been the most challenging aspects of being an actor and what are your future aspirations?

The audition process has to be the most difficult part for me.  You audition consistently and have to bring the same enthusiastic energy as you did in the previous audition.  I have a love/hate relationship with this process.  Its hard, but I love the challenge.  In my future as an actor, I see myself exploring a various amount of characters. I want to be a respected actor. My dream role would be to play a sweet and loving woman who is actually an undercover killer! A Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde type character.

What influences you on a daily basis to continue doing great work in your artistry?

I’m influenced by a variety of music that speaks to my soul from alternative, electro, to salsa music. I’m influenced by what God shows me every day. Most of all, I am influenced by my family.

Tell us more about your non-profit organization LoverMovement you created with your friend Jennifer.

Jennifer and I wanted to create a platform where anyone with an idea can create a movement inspired by love. This includes helping out in the community and volunteering at shelters.  Her and I wanted to volunteer at a church, but we were required to also take classes, which we did not want to do. So we thought, why can’t we start our own organization? One that doesn’t have strings attached. You can volunteer and do not necessarily have to be linked to one type of organization. By 2015 we want LoverMovement to be worldwide. We do a lot of our work one on one and follow up with the people we help.

What are your plans to expand your brand?
I’m trying to introduce myself to the world so they are familiar with who I am. I want to create an empire where I’m able to do everything I love to do under the “Amy Correa Bell” umbrella. I want to create my own opportunities and get to a place where I am not pigeonholed.
In my musical career, I want to make music that is timeless that I can perform around the world to all walks of life. I want to make music that changes the atmosphere. I want to inspire people to make their own music as well.   

Where can people reach you?
People can reach me on my twitter: @amycbell, my Instagram: amerzzbell. And my personal style blog:
Sound Cloud:


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