One Take Stace Media Brunch

 At the beginning of venturing into any field, especially the entertainment industry you try to soak up all the gems of advice that can propel you forward. Having my own outlet since 2013, I still hunger for networking mixers that bring together people in order to foster future collaborations. So when I heard about Stacy Ike, also known as One Take Stace, Media Brunch I thought it was a brilliant idea. Who better to host a media brunch? First off, Stacy's energy goes unmatched. Greeting damn near everybody who walked in the door - recapping with those she's worked with for years to engaging with new faces, making everlasting connections. And she's so gracious and filled with gratitude, referencing God throughout her Q&A. Being thankful and praising him, it's goes hand in hand really.  Personally thanking me and others who showed up to the brunch, she was overwhelmed with the support given to her.

 Speaking on her experiences in entertainment industry was part heartbreaking and heartwarming. She speaks about the post graduate malaise where she had a dilemma - Does she pursue a news anchor career that she's not too passionate about or throw her self entirely into the entertainment sector? It wasn't even a choice, with the encouragement of her main confidant, Precious Azuree, she followed her dreams. With a rough start in LA, Stacy found gold when she realized she was a brand all onto her self. Connecting with social media & entertainment brands she leveraged the fact when she talked people listened. Her ability to make the mundane magnificent was noticed by non-other then the iconic mega mogul Oprah who cited Stacy's exciting nature and God given talent to connect with anybody. When the Q&A with Stacy commenced she encouraged everyone to not only talk on a surface level but to create projects together. See what makes Stacy so interesting is that she's interested. And the industry needs more of that - genuineness, passion, and love of the craft.


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