Vegan Beer And Food Festival

Los Angeles Vegan Beer And Food Festival

By Evan Jackson 
Photos by Evan Jackson 

Ten years ago being vegan was trendy yet restaurants and those in the food & beverage industry didn't necessarily catch on. Being vegan was seen as an aberration and seen as too much of a healthy option with the food not appealing to the average consumer. Now, especially in Pasadena, California, there was a huge burst of vegan restaurants, dining options, and vegan brewery choices. You can say the Los Angeles area became more conscious of not only their fitness habits but what exactly they are putting in their mouth when it comes to food. On Saturday June 18th the Vegan Beer and Food Festival was held at the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California. You would run into women from all corners of the earth like Peru and Germany as well as see the local Angelinos thirsting for beer on a hot day. It had seem all of Southern California had come out, like those from the Central Coast and the Inland Empire , and swarmed to this event but it didn't feel crowded. We all there for one common goal: to eat great food and drink some tasty beer. Eating healthy and being vegan is no longer out of the norm it is almost considered the standard. With delicious substitutions for meat and potent beer not made with animal products or additives being vegan seems a lot more fun these days. 



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