Confessions of Courtney's Closet

Confessions of Courtney's Closet : Courtney Welch Interview 

As you anticipate her soon to come blog “Confessions of Courtney's Closet ” take a look at the journey of the girl next door, Courtney Welch, who is confident in her own style and is a foodie as well.

Where did your love of fashion come about?
I've always loved dressing up whether it be in costume or for a certain party or an event as a child and still today. When going anywhere the first question that pops in my head is always, "What am I going to wear?!” By age 10 I knew I had a real interest in fashion as a possible career. I began taking art classes and started to love the creativity of design. Either way, the role that I have chosen in the fashion world has always been one that appreciated and respected the behind the scenes detail that goes into picking or making a piece. Within the last year or so I have shied away from design and chosen to follow my dream as a stylist because I love making an outfit and helping others chose what to wear for whatever reason. So I am excited to see where this passion for styling will take me. 

How did you get your start in fashion?
Besides sketching my own designs and ideas as a child, currently I am a college student majoring in Fashion Marketing. Last semester I worked as an intern at Red Light PR in Hollywood, which is a fashion PR company and my first experience working in the fashion business. As I was working there, knowing at this point that I wanted to style, I got the opportunity to assist stylists with pulls for clients. When speaking to them and asking how they got their start most of them said they produced a fashion blog. From that point on, close friends, family, and coworkers encouraged me to start my own blog. But my first step was to start a fashion Instagram consuming of my own looks as well as my fashion icons and inspirations.  One of my newly found obsessions is DIY organic products and other beauty tips that I learn and use along the way. 

Who are your style icons?
As far as style icons I love Marilyn Monroe! I've gained a new love for vintage clothing recently and so she is my top choice for sure. My favorite stylist, and a woman I look up to business wise is Rachel Zoe. Another stylist I love is Monica Rose. As far as fashion bloggers go my top inspiration is Courtney Kerr. She followed her dream and has really made a name for herself in the fashion industry. 

What inspired you to start an Instagram dedicated to fashion?
I created the Instagram about fashion to get a following but also to inspire young women to follow their dreams, learn how to create a nice look and feel great for reasonable prices. I wanted to also say as long as you feel good then, size doesn’t matter. As far as the blog, it was to do all of those things as well as get my foot in the door for becoming a fashion stylist

You seem to love vintage from the Instagram posts of Marilyn Monroe and the 70s styles inspired outfits.
You can be sexy and classy at the same time without revealing too much skin.  And I think you’re more of a woman if you leave something to the imagination. Women can show off their shape without every private part hanging out. But also, I love the flared skirts and dresses with a cinched waist. That style is one that was big for women in the 50s and I love it.

What distinguishes your style from every other woman?
There is not just one path, style, or era that I follow when I create a look. My style, like most women, is always evolving due to new trends. But I always try to stay true to myself and what I really like. I love vintage but I also incorporate modern day trends into my outfits. I dress more to how I feel that day and create a look off of what colors and pieces I will feel comfortable in that day

You’re not only into fashion you seem to be a foodie too.
Eventually I want to start a food blog. I have been inspired by TV personality and talk show host Bethenny Frankel to eat healthier. I do indulge from time to time. I would watch my mother, grandmother, & aunt in the kitchen cooking for hours and got overwhelmed at the idea of making a meal. I like to keep it simple and something that I can easily make. I love colorful food that looks great as well as taste great, as well as simple to make. 

It seems like with food and fashion you enjoy the ascetics. Not only that it tastes good but it actually looks good.
 Yes, I love the way food makes you feel when you eat it and eating healthy and working out are a huge part of my lifestyle and it is important to stay healthy and happy in life. Many people do not have the time to always cook an elaborate meal that takes four hours to make. So keeping it simple and delicious is a plus for me. 

What are some of your DIY projects?
The DIY products I've tried and loved: 
Avocado & Olive Oil hair mask: great for moisture especially if you struggle with dry hair and scalp. 
Brown Sugar & Olive Oil lip scrub: leaves your lips feeling smooth and soft. 
Honey:  Great for the skin and can be used as a face wash or in a scrub.

 Where can people reach you at?

Instagram: @confessionsofcourtneyscloset

Blog: Coming soon 


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