Ericka Nicole Malone Interview: Developing The Bio Pic For Mamie Till - Civil Rights Leader & Mother Of Emmett Till


written by Evan L. Jackson 


The recent Black Lives Matter Uprising has stirred up some painful memories that turned out to be historical moments we have learned from.With are thoughts and prayers for George Floyd, you are reminded of the horrific story of Emmett Till and the anguish and Black folk went through. Most notably his mother, Mammie Tilll who agreed to have an open casket at Emmett's funeral to show the brutality at the hands of white supremacy. Mammie Till went on to be a Civil Rights Icon and Emmett Till edified as crucial part of the Civil Rights Movement.


As we speak to screenwriter Ericka Nicole Malone about writing the script for the Mamie Till life story she keeps in mind how important it is for Black creatives to tell stories of Black life and historical figures. We reflect, discuss, and look forward on what it means to be Black in America. And how through narratives we can educate and give a proper representation on what it means to be us.


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