Behind The Scenes At Demi In The City Dash Radio Show

DJ Demi Lobo & DJ Alysen James 

Photos By Evan L. Jackson
Written By Evan L. Jackson

Demi Lobo is a season vet when it comes to being the premiere DJ in the Los Angeles Area. As a native of Chicago she made her way to LA and made a name fast for herself. Every other event I attended and plenty that I've missed DJ Demi Lobo has spun at BET Award related events, women empowerment mixers and impressively was the DJ at Director Ava Duvernay's ARRAY NOW production space. So when Demi asked me to come in and do behind the scenes work for Demi In The City show for Dash Radio, I was automatically for it.

There is an art to being a DJ. Demi takes it so seriously and as a innovator on the turn tables you need to know the energy of the crowd, the timing it takes to spin in that next record, and the humility to become even better at your craft. Demi is a natural, as I saw first hand where she had the young girls who attended the 2018 Young African American Women's Conference in a frenzy with her DJ set. The lunch time was lit because of her. What I didn't know was how talented she was as a Radio personality. Going into the Dash Radio booth, perfectly place near the Dream Hotel, Demi was downright giddy about the alchemy taking place with her guests coming in and her connecting again with right hand woman DJ Alysen James. It was pretty awesome to see a one - two female combo. As the guests arrive and the interviews take place Demi brings the best stories out of them. She likens their pitfalls and successes to her own journey - that allows them to open up more. Demi treats her guests on the radio, listen by thousands of people, as an intimate conversation. Just her and the guest, going beyond the cliche and getting to the source of their motivation.

The key to radio, as I would see, is making your voice jump out of the booth. The commodity between Demi & Alysen was great, you can tell they have been friends for a long time, and once again Demi brought life to the interview. I feel each guest is actually in for a treat to see their story respected and explored as well as challenged by Demi who shows sincere interest. Next time tune in and make sure to listen to Demi  In The City.   
Actor Kris D. Lofton & DJ Demi Lobo 

DJ Alysen James 

Singer Brian McKnight Jr. & Demi Lobo 
DJ Demi Lobo 


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