Breathe, Heal, Love: Interview With Masseuse Practitioner Niza

 Photos By Evan L. Jackson

They say when you love what you do it's not considered work. With Masseuse Practitioner Niza she found the love in her work before she even made it a profession. See her passion for being a masseuse was born out of a labor of love when her grandmother had diabetes and at a young age Niza massaged her, healed her with her hands, as Niza stated, "Anything For My Queen". There is softness that juxtaposes, not defiantly but a symbiotic relationship, with her strength. She admits not knowing her purpose initially when she was growing into young adulthood specifically but then I pointed out she knew it all along - Niza The Healer. The more you talk to her the more you realize she's charming, self aware, and she finds just as much joy in her profession as those on the receiving end. See whatever you do with love it's always extra special. So why is Niza so good at what she does? Ultimately because she gets it, as in she can senses where you ache, through her intuition and years of honing her craft she just knows. So when you feel like a day of Self Care, Self Love, and tranquil time definitely consider Niza.  

Niza On What It Met To Help Her Grandmother & Finding Her Profession


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